By TeaBag


I really wanted to write about the illusion of time yesterday.

But idk, sometimes the brain kinda locks and stuff.

Explaining some concept of hooman (read social) life inaeza kuwa tricks.

But isn’t it better to explain a complex thought simply than to explain a simple thought in a complex manner?

(Watu wa kuitana charlatans si mnajijua)

…But yes,

We try.

Funny how we always run from the edge.

We run away from problems in life.

I mean sure…

Don’t go screaming at lions or whatever.

Don’t always try to reason with a portion of Kenyans On Twitter.

And yeah… don’t forget to comb your hair…

It’ll make sense later, ok…

Not to everybody… but just trust me here


From my perspective I can pretty much tell you that problems don’t exactly kill you…

(I mean the ones that don’t)

But let’s just say they did anyway…

You wouldn’t be here to regret them sooo yeah…

That’s established.

But back to the ones that don’t for now.


I haven’t lived long on this space rock of ours but I do know this from my little interactions here and there.

It’s pretty much common knowledge but here we go:

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Problems make or break us.

They actually change the way we think about things.

We can learn alot from our pasts.

How not to touch fire, how people are bad and good. etc etc.

These are a helpful form of learning from our pasts.

But a little too much of anything can be just as bad as it can be good.

Let’s talk about my little “parable of hair.”

The parable of hair

(This might get a bit woozy so try stick with me)

Say I actually turned out to be a muBABA and shaved my hair somehow.

Would I have the same hair I just shed off?


It might’ve been long,

might’ve been chemically damaged.

Might’ve had volume.

But it still dropped to the floor right?

So what we have now is a shaved mubaba with a whole lot of growing hair.

Well… of course it’s not the same hair as the one cut.


It’s a new hair journey.

The only time you’ll probably see the same hair is in an old photo or video.

Which you only bring up

if you want to

What’s my point here exactly?

The hair is… the present.

Cut hair remains to be the past.

In the same way you won’t tell that friend you’re meeting in the CBD

“Meet me at I&M I was wearing a blue shirt yesterday.”

That’d be a bit daft, isn’t it?

Then why is it so easy for us as people to blame current circumstances on our pasts?

We are defined by who we are NOW

We don’t let our past shirt choices define us now.

You are you now.

Focus on that.

We all like seeing a grass to grace story right?

Then why are we so fixated on stressing on a past that doesn’t even matter?

Watering our weeds?

You could be that person

A test is a test for that reason and that reason only

To test

A mistake is a mistake.

Own it.

Learn from it.

And let the slightly refined version of you be a testament to others.

Well sure… someone might have wronged you.

But will you keep holding on to the past?

Drinking poison and expecting them to hurt instead?

If you try a new haircut an hour before a date and it turns out worse than expected the date

Do you:

a) Just go with it.

b) Turn up with an old photo in hand saying “this is what I looked like an hour ago… assume that’s me.”

Don’t comb hair that doesn’t exist.

You see…

The thing about hair is that you can only comb what exists.

In the same way you can’t comb imaginary hair.

Don’t live for a day you still don’t have.

Focus on improving yourself currently to your best of your ability,

The rest will come.

Learn a skill,

Build a craft.

Stop living in your past and stop over-anticipating a non-existent future.

I think Ki-taek would explain that best:

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Damn Teabag,that was awesome.

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