Love is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? It’s love that makes people do crazy things such as getting a tattoo of your partner. And Brown Mauzo was no exception.

The little-known singer has gotten a tattoo of his wife’s name as a show of love and affection.

Mauzo has been dating retired socialite cum singer Vera Sidika for slightly over a year now. The two recently celebrated their anniversary. And are also expecting their first child together!

Well, their relationship was never anticipated. It came as a shock to many seeing that Vera had a history of not keeping a relationship. She has previously admitted to being in various relationships with men from all walks of life. But the most popular one was her relationship with singer Otile Brown. Looks like she has a thing for Browns? Singers?

The two had a very beautiful relationship which eventually came crumbling down. Vera accused Otile of always borrowing her money and for having a toothpick for manhood. The Dusuma hitmaker remained mum during the whole saga. See some of their leaked conversations here. But y’all remember that Vera had faked a pregnancy while they dated?

So after the breakup, Otile moved on with an Ethiopian beauty while Vera went for Mauzo who too have a record of dating socialites.

About four years ago, he was seen hanging around the mother of five, Akothee who might have been his sugar mummy. Because no way that was a relationship.

After breaking up with the president of single wives, Brown dated the president of single wives, Amber Ray. The two were to get her for some time then broke up.

After kissing the many frogs, looks like Mauzo finally found his princess. Vera Sidika. Vera does not tire of glorifying her hubby and letting the world know how much they are in love. Even though many questions were left unanswered when he did not show up to their unborn child’s gender reveal party.

It’s not clear if Mauzo was married before but rumors have it that he has other children with different women.

Anyway, he finally got a tattoo of his lover. And said that he has so much love for the woman carrying his baby.

Vera expressed her shock seeing that a man would go through all that pain for her. Awww 🥰 my baby!!!
You went through all that pain for me 🥺🥺🥺 Love you!!!

Would you get a tattoo of your lover?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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