You know that one girl in your social circle that is always in a relationship? The one that moves from one guy to the next once the relationship is over? Betty Kyalo appears to be like that girl.

The celebrated media personality has never struggled with dating a man after the other. Not that it’s a bad thing. We all do that, only that she is a public figure. So her life is always been scrutinized.

Mid last year rumors were rife that Betty had found a new man after breaking up with the unpopular Somali bae.
The new man was later to be unveiled as none other than the little-known bearded city lawyer Nick Ndeda.

The smitten lovebirds did not shy away from publicly displaying their love and affection for each other. Betty for instance once got too drunk and shared a clip of herself touching Nick’s pelvic area. As if to show her haters that she was his.

The two had left fans talking about how cute they appeared. While others could not help but marvel at how quickly Betty moves on.

Break up

Betty and Nick’s relationship came crumbling down sooner than expected. From her recent Instagram posts, Betty made peculiar captions that hinted that she might be single again.

I deserve the good life, good life, good things, and good people around me. She wrote under one of her pics implying that she is back to the streets again.

Rumors doing rounds on social media have it that Betty called it off after an unknown incident happened during the festive season. Since then she has displayed how happy she is on social media. And even confirmed her only titles, Mama Ivanna and accomplished CEO.

According to Nick, the two are still friends and figuring things out. “We’ve enjoyed a fantastic relationship and we are figuring things out. We are still good friends,” he told Mpasho.

What are your thoughts on this?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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