Ben Kitili separates with his wife.

KTN TV news anchor Ben Kitili has separated with wife, Amina Mude.

This has come barely two years into their marriage.

The marriage set off on a rocky road driven by their religious differences.

Amina took to announce the separation on her Instagram page.

“Hey, good people. Some of you have noticed that I have deleted my relationship pictures on Instagram. Thanks for the concern.” Amina began her salutations and announcement and also indicated that she’s suffering from insomnia.

The two had a beautiful wedding and of course, a beautiful life as the pictures depicted.

They tied the knot on 18th November 2018 and have sired two beautiful children since then.

The couple appeared ever blissful in all their pictures.

Ben and Amina on their wedding day

Separate ways with Ben Kitili

The mother of two admitted that the past one month had been filled with pain and suffering.

She goes ahead and to thank him for their beautiful memories and kids even though she is scared of what the future holds.

“Ben and I are currently separated. I don’t know what the future holds but I’m grateful for the memories and definitely the beautiful kids we made. It’s been one month of pain and tears but I’m sure one day the light will shine.” She wrote.

Amina took it upon herself to make the announcement before bloggers do a dirty job. The one’s that’d say ‘Ben Kitili separates with wife over this or that rumor.’

She has hopes for a brighter future as she went ahead to dismiss spreaders of rumors. “Watu wa rumors, please…” She went on.


Amina went ahead to ascertain that they are in good terms. But for herself, she hopes to be better. So she winds up her announcement by reminding fans to keep safe and sanitize.

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All good things must come to an end

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Both had hoped to surpass the religious differences but it seemingly has been hard. Amina was reportedly denounced by the Muslim community for marrying a Christian man.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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What is wrong with these media personalities and marriage?? Why spent millions on a wedding that can’t last?? Daaamnnn


Marriage is jus tough to handle, it’s not a scam

Tracy Emily

Waar! All the best to them but haki marriages are falling apart siku izi???? ???? watu wanashinda wakisema marriages ni scam


Waar! All the best to them but haki marriages are falling apart siku izi???? ???? watu wanashinda wakisema marriages ni scam


Woow marriage, is a biggg scammm


I hate to see sad endings. I hope they both find happiness either way


Beautiful piece, kumbe marriage ni scam????