Veteran singer Bamboo has in an Instagram post shared how he was advised to join ‘brotherhood’. But he did not fall for it.

In an Instagram post where Bamboo is seen standing next to the legendary artist JahRule, he has briefed his fans on one of his past memories.

I and JahRule a few years back in New York City. This was a time when God was teaching me about who owns and controls the music industry. And I’m sure JahRule didn’t even know. Because when we spoke he was so cool. Friendly guy.

he wrote in part

Bamboo and JahRule

The super emcee went ahead to describe how after the meeting he was introduced to some ‘higher ups’ in the industry.

Apparently, a lady he was dating at the time informed him that he needed to be baptized into the brotherhood. Because he was really talented.

So the lady explained to him that for his career to blow up, he had to sell his soul (to Satan I guess).

A lady friend I was dating at the time told me that I needed to be baptized into the brotherhood. Because he was very talented. But I needed to be part of a society to have the kind of backing up that could catapult his career into the stratosphere.

Well, a few years ago Bamboo after getting born again had shared a story on his Facebook page about his fiancee who had been saved and delivered from satanism. Kenyans however were irked and ridiculed Bamboo saying that he was just joking with God by creating a fictional story to gain fans.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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Bullshit!!!… Such things don’t exist… The music industry is pure hardwork just like any other industry

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