Athletics Kenya has postponed all the events and activities that were to take place within the next two days in honor of the fallen star Agnes Tirop.

The announcement was seen on their official Twitter page where they added that the move is effective today, Thursday 14th.

In honor of our fallen athletes, we have postponed the first and second legs of the AK Cross Country Series, which were to be held on October 16 and 23 in Machakos and Iten, respectively.

AK also applauded President Uhuru’s directive to speed up investigations into the murder of Agnes Tirop which occurred yesterday.

The organization also noted that it pains them because Tirop’s death is the latest in a series of various misfortunes that have befallen different athletes in the recent past including suicide, family branches, alcoholism, illegal drug use as well as untimely deaths.

Mental health issues

As a result, AK says that they can not hide their heads in the sand anymore as it is clear that all these incidents are products of mental anguish afflicting various spokesperson.

A number of athletes are suffering immensely in their personal spaces. But have chosen not to seek help for dear of stigma by the society. They are considered as role models who can not and should not do any wrong, as other human beings are prone to.

The pressure to measure up to these societal expectations has compelled such athletes to a sworn code of secrecy in dealing with their tribulations which only works for a time before hell breaks loose.

AK has called for more attention to the sports industry to reach out and help the spokesperson to improve their mental health and well-being.

The President of Athletics Kenya Jackson Tuwei has also displayed confidence that speedy justice will be delivered following the death of Tirop.

We are confident the relevant agencies are working around the clock to ensure speedy justice to the family and friends who have been left emotionally scarred by someone they depended on for financial and psychological support.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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