Well, looks like activist Boniface Mwangi is ready to break hearts since he gave up on his political career.
So the activist on Saturday, 16th shared pictures of himself, Juliani, and his boo Lilian Ng’ang’a.

Just when Governor Mutua was healing and Kenyans getting used to the unprecedented turn of events, Boni reminds them about it.

Honestly, the relationship was never expected and I guess that’s why most people are not getting used to it.
The pictures shared by Boni portrayed a very happy couple- Julian. Lilian is seen holding Juliani by the waist and looking at him adorably like she can’t believe he’s all hers.

So the photos sparked so much debate.
While a good number of fans are advocating for the relationship, there is still a good number that has adamantly refused to accept it.
One of them being the former Nairobi Governor who appears more hurt than Mutua, Mike Sonko.

So Sonko took to his socials to address the two lovebirds. And requested Lilian to stop hurting the governor since she is also allegedly putting Juliani’s life at risk.

The former Machakos First Lady did not spare time but retaliated by asking Sonko what he meant by saying that Juliani is being put in danger.
Lilian also defended herself saying that the pictures were shared by their friend Boni and not her or Juliani.

Two things. These photos were posted by our friend and in NO WAY WHATSOEVER are they meant to hurt anybody. My main concern though, @MikeSonko, is why should @JulianiKenya’s life be in danger for being with me?

She wrote

On his part, Juliani too seemed upset.
In an already deleted tweet, the singer asked Boni to always enquire before posting their pics.

Other netizens and self-proclaimed relationship coaches noted that Lilian was the one holding Juliani and not the other way round. So they argued that Lilian is coming off as ‘the man’ in the relationship since the man-Juliani should be the one holding her. But to each their own, right?

What are your thoughts on this new couple?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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