Njoro the comedian checked himself into rehab a couple of months ago.

So a few months ago, female comedian Zeddy did a very daring expose that shocked Kenyans.

Zeddy the comedian in a series of posts exposed the rotten nature of Churchill Show management.

The retired comedian claimed that Churchill’s Show creative director Victor Ber was harsh and inhuman.

See the full story here.

As a result of the expose, other Comedians opened up on their depression and suffering. Among them was Njoro the comedian who has been missing in action.

So Zeddy visited Njoro and took us through what he was going through, depression and suicidal attempts. See article.

Njoro the comedian willingly accepted to go to rehab and begin his recovery process. And Zeddy has been faithful enough to check up on him.

In a post seen on her Instagram page, Zeddy has highlighted Njoro’s condition.

It’s been almost two months since Njoro decided to seek help for his mental health issues. I am glad to share the good news that his recovery journey has been successful and I am looking forward to seeing the Njoro I knew before things went south. His mom and family members visited him on his birthday and they shared with me the good news of how positive Njoro’s transformation has made them happy and proud. I look forward to the day he shall be discharged from the rehab and reunite with his loved ones and hopefully see him back on screen doing what he does best. In life it’s ok not to be okay and seeking help is not a sign of weakness.

Zeddy went ahead to encourage people to talk since it is okay not to be okay.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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