Infamous ‘kuoga na kurudi soko’ ambassador Amber Ray was the subject of many on Wednesday. While normal Kenyans were celebrating Madaraka Day, Amber and her jilted ex-lover Kabba were busy throwing shade at each other.

Taking to his official Instagram page, the little-known Sierra Leon man expressed his regrets for having been involved with Amber Ray.

Kabba, a basketball player, said that he felt utterly sorry for anyone who would get to date his ex. He urged Amber’s new boyfriends to teach her how to shower. And advise her to stop living a fake life on social media.

The clearly bitter man went on to advise Amber to stop having sex in the bushes and the car. ‘She really needs to grow up! Good luck to you’ he added.

Kabba went on to share a screenshot of a conversation between him and in the identified party. He is seen notifying the other party that he has moved on.

That is nothing to be proud of by the way. I have been there dear, I am not jealous. He said adding that he has already moved on. Even though clearly he has not!

Amber responds

In reiteration, Amber shared a meme talking about how if you date her you might just get used to having quickies everywhere. She concluded by using her usual tagline ‘life is for the living!’

The former self-proclaimed president of second wives went on to add a witty caption to her recent picture. And netizens took it to mean that the message was meant for her ex-lovers Kabba and Jimal.

I know I’m not good enough but some people will never forget me in their life.

The two broke up about two months ago after dating for three months. Kabba claimed Amber had used black magic to trap him. Amber is currently dating a guy identified as Kennedy Rapudo.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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