By Baba Mboga.

When I was in high school I was good at a lot of things.

Actual schooling might not have been one of them.

“Don’t copy from your friend during exams.” They said.

And too bad I took their advice.

I could’ve been on Nairobi diaries, a Youtuber of sorts, heck,

I could’ve been a radio presenter on Kizz 100

But life happened and now I work anonymously for a dude that earns 5k.


But I’m happy where I am at the moment. At least I don’t have to steal ideas or go back on my words to make an extra shilling.

For those not still following here’s some context:

The scoop…

See, most of you here are from Edgar Obare’s Instagram.

And you might’ve noticed that on Wednesdays and Saturdays there’s this little gem called “Market day.”

For 1000 shillings on these days, you could get your SME advertised on Edgar Obare’s instastory to an audience of well over 150k followers.

And if you know anything about this mans audience,

It’s well organized, really organic and has a high turnover rate.

Si ka wale wa kununua accounts lol.

Niaje Chipu. ?

Also Edgar “distributes information “for a living so you’d be really dumb if you tried to con someone on there.

Exposé pap!

Just ask the burger joint that was put on blast juzi.

So now that you’re all caught up,

Watch this video:

Now here’s where it gets interesting with these celebs…

So some time about a week ago, Teamaster got into a bit of a pickle with a couple of people.

In the midst of KOT’s usual banter someone actually sat down and thought about how much Edgar earns from all this.

Well, let’s take that down by a half considering the max stories are 100 in 24 hours

But I know yesterday had 90 something ads and it was sold out.

So let’s say 80. Give or take.

Well, while Edgar was away, Xtiandela also did his version of the same and made good cheddar.

I mean sure,

Xtian is one of the celebs that helped with the whole Edgar situation.

So I guess I could say he’s earned it?

Also met the dude and he’s chill AF.

I might’ve had second thoughts about the dude but meh…

My thoughts on the matter might have evolved.

Anyways back to the story,

A couple of celebs with big accounts caught on the “market day” idea and well,

This happened:

I loved how Kate used this in a noble way to build her audience though.

She’s one of the few celebs in Kenya that are just gems.

And because of that I’m just putting this out there before you guys misinterpret the screenshot and do what you do best.

Msituvurugie Selina tafazali.

Here are the rest:

Anyhu, here’s an honest opinion why I think this won’t work for everybody

Call me a prophet of doom idc

But here’s the thing:

The thing that made this so successful with Edgar and Xtian is that they interact with their audience “kwa ground”.

There’s a sense of trust and unity that comes with this because these are people that talk about everyday things with everyday people.

Also, they’re controversial and you never know what to expect from them.

A good story might pop up between ads.

So hata kama it’s lowkey tiring to tap dozens of times on their story

The promise of tea is definitely worth it.

Thats something pictures of brunch will never replace.

Aaaaaaand of course the demographic

If I’m not wrong and all my Instagram followers come from Edgar himselefu,

Most of these people are women in their 20s,30s.

Motivational quotes and vacay pics won’t cut it in my opinion.

Also, this shit is rigorous.

Imagine this,

Filtering DMs za udaku, fisilets na ads

Seeing ad requests,

Responding to them,

Processing payments and knowing who paid for what ad

Uploading na bado follow up.

I can willingly accept I’m not built to handle all that so I’ll just stick to writing compositions for money.

Anyhu mi nimemaliza.

Put these facts into consideration so you don’t end up looking like these ones over here.

Niskie mtu akiniambia nicharge simu…

Also, someone tell Linda Nyangweso I said thanks.

She doesn’t know it but without her I probably wouldn’t be in this line of work.

Those little snippets of gossip you did on Kiss got me where I am today.

Thank you.

Here’s my Instagram.

Also, have you read some of my other stories?

Check them out here.

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2 years ago

Aki Baba Mboga you don’t disappoint. Let me go buy bedsheets from today’s Ads by the Tea Master – the rest ni jokers tu.

2 years ago

First they make fun of you, then they copy you?

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