Celebrity couple Abel Mutua and Judy Nyawira are celebrating their 15th anniversary. The couple share a daughter. Their love story began in the hallowed halls of the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC). From a chance encounter involving a pink jumper to a “world-class proposal”, Their 15-year journey involves love, laughter, and unexpected twists.

“15 years later. God has been so good to us.”

The couple stated.
Abel and Judy

First Meeting

The Wakurugenzi’s story unfolds in college at KIMC. Abel, a third-year student, approached Judy, with the pretext of returning her pink jumper. Then in her first year, Judy lent the jumper to their mutual friend, Abdi Mungai. Little did Judy know that this seemingly casual interaction would set the stage for a lifelong connection. Abel, armed with inside information about the jumper, used the opportunity to initiate contact with Judy, who was then in a shaky relationship.

“I told Abdi Mungai that though she (Judy) gave you her jumper, I would return it. Because I have an agenda,”

Abel reminisces.

Surprise Pregnancy

Then, Abel and Judy’s love story took an unexpected turn. In April if 2009, the couple discovered that they were pregnant. Judy was only in her third year at KIMC. This revelation came as a surprise. Judy, despite having Abel’s unwavering support, grappled with the fear of disappointing her mother.

“It (the pregnancy) came at a time when I joined third year. It was my last year at KIMC. So I had a whole year before graduation. I got pregnant in April (2009). And Mumbus (their daughter) was born in January of the following year.”

Judy reflects.
Judy and Abel

Abel, stepped up and took full responsibility of supporting Judy. Unbeknownst to Judy, Abel reached out to her mother, assuring her that he would take care of all financial responsibilities related to Judy’s education.

“Something interesting happened. I came to find out later. Just before the schools opened, apparently Abel called my mom. He called my mom and told her that I was going to be his responsibility moving forward. In terms of school fees and everything I needed for school. He did not mention the reason he was doing this was because I was pregnant.”

Judy reveals.

A White Wedding

Despite the challenges they faced early in their relationship, Abel and Judy’s love endured. Abel, known for his humor, proposed to Judy in a “world-class” way. In essence, he simply popped the question while the two were on the road.

Judy and Abel

“So I proposed to her in a world-class way. In a way that has never been seen anywhere else. While on the highway, without caring about pedestrians, oncoming vehicles, nothing. I looked her in the eyes for two seconds and told her, Hi my girl, can we continue cohabiting?”

Abel Mutua reminisced.

Judy happily agreed. The two held a garden wedding to solemnize their union in November 2016. Their union set the stage for a lifetime of happiness.


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