An unofficial approach to the Governor Obado incident.

By Baba Mboga.

Just before my not really dramatic entrance, I mentioned that Governor Obado was in a bit of a pickle with Lé Kenyon governmente.

He’s alleged to have been using his office to steal public funds…

I really am the last person to be into politics per se.

But you can count on these knives to make alot of things interesting lol.

Especially after the daughter of the alleged threw the middle finger to y’all. ?


But hey,

I mean… she knows

I know,


That this will most probably just float around the media and court rooms and eventually disappear like every high profile case in our country.

Kinda like the incident back in 2019 which involved the murder of Sharon Otieno and her seven month unborn baby.

With over 30 witnesses…

I’ll just not get into that.

Read the full story here.

Here’s today’s piece of the drama:


I believe I am in the wrong industry y’all ???

So if Google is infact correct

Governor Obado, his four children and fellow business associates were arrested on Wednesday after presenting themselves to the EACC.

They were charged with siphoning a sum of Ksh 74,474 376 from the county government.

So how this worked was that they made dummy companies and kinda made deals with them.

“An audit trail by the EACC showed that the companies wired Sh38.9 million to the governor’s children accounts.The children who benefited from the monies as school fees in Australia, Scotland and United Kingdom (UK) included Okoth (Sh25.4 million), Scarlet (Sh7.8 million) and Zachary (Sh6.6 million).”

Went through all the articles and finally,

Here’s an in-depth explanation from The Standard for those looking to make a factual argument over a drink during the weekend.

But hey… easy come, easy go.

And just like that… two families ruined…

Oh… you didn’t know?

The other people arrested with Obado were also a family

“The others are co-director of Misoft Company Limited Jared Kwaga, wife Christine Ocholla, Kwaga’s brothers, Joram Otieno and Patroba Otieno and their mother, Penina Otago. Also to be arrested is Kwaga’s sister-in-law, Carolyne Ochola.”

-The Standard

So ummmh…

Tough luck?

I mean, best case scenario they go free like all the others before them.

But reputation isn’t really something you can bail yourself out of.

Even with 74 million friggin’ Kenyan Sillings

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The gov earns ~2M per month , which he never touches. Official hse by county, personal use, then other rents, fuel, telephone, food, entertainment, security, plus any other monthly expenses taken care of in the recurrent county budget.

Any money he gets as salary, kickbacks, tenders, he never uses. Coz he debits all expenses from the county kitty. So dude has mountains of accumulated cash, but hawes toa ata kidogo tu kulipia watoto fee/rent.

These guys are just after accumulate, accumulate, accumulate. They have zero objective of why they are even stealing, Bora tu ameiba and has a billion in bank here there everywhere.

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