Nai Fest ‘s 2020 logo be like:

“When the location for fornication becomes a damnation.”


Si hata mi mninominate Grammys?

Since y’all considering basically anyone that can put two rhymes and a beat together.

I’m Baba Mboga.

Can we get to this already?

Enyewe Nai Fest took an L….

Ask anyone what they thought about the recently concluded Nai Fest,

High chances are that it’s a flooded majority headed towards the “not soo much fun” option.

I mean being the first event out of a 8 month party dry spell set out by Jayden,

You’d think it would be a really dope event.

Vitu huenda different kwa ground byzewei

From Uhunye calling back dibs on curfew just before the event,

To allegedly “profiled kids from the ghetto” tearing up the whole place from within,

Alafu sasa ongeza the fact that Baby Shaq pia alikulia kichapo huko.

You sit down and ask yourself,

What tf happened?

Why the hell didn’t Reekado Banks perform?

Sa why is Tanasha turning down events when her clout is taking a nosedive?

How does gravity work?

Why the hell is this toilet seat so damn col…

But seriously…let’s talk about Reekado Banks.

So apparently the main act of the show was some ninja called Reekado from Nigeria right?

When Naifest went to shit and the fans grumbled too much the MC for the event, Fred Omondi put out this littu letter out to the public explaining that Reekado not performing was due to the new curfew.

Check it out:

Update: The official link got taken down…

So that ends that right?


Nai Fest management’s announcement.

Before we get to this lemme know,

Man-eyj-ment or manej-ment?

I have a feeling you know what I’m talking about.

So in response to the questions about NaiFest

The man-eyj-ment via Bridget Achieng’ explained that Reekado was unable to perform because…


And I quote:

“Following numerous fans’ complaints, the former Nairobi Diaries actress apologized to Kenyans for any inconvenience caused by the singer. In Bridget’s defense, curfew hours neared, and because of that, the team had limited time to pack up, leaving no room for Reekado to hit the stage.”

And we swallowed that load of crap as well…

Until Thomas Matiko stepped into the picture (PS: The bugger went private on his IG. Ebu acha mechezo nanii)

Sindamatiko’s exclusive with Reekado Banks.

According to new reports, Reekado didn’t perform at Naifest over the only thing that’s supposed to get him here in the first place.

Yup, They didn’t pay up.

Among other artistes that didn’t perform were Tanasha (lol) under the same reason


Long time short,

They blamed the mask and got caught pants down.

Who would’ve thought it would end badly?

Well… until Bridget responds to this…

I’ll be writing an article on Child trafficking.

Here’s a spoiler.

Oh… And my Instagram as well..


How about some Osundu on the way out?

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