It has been slightly over a week since the bold female comedian Zeddy shared on her Instagram page the ordeals that comedians go through at Churchill show. Her post came a few days after the death of one comedian from Churchill show who allegedly suffered depression.

The expose’..

In her post, Zeddy narrated the frustrations they go through in the hands of Churchill show’s creative director, Victor Ber.

Zeddy openly referred to Victor Ber as a ‘depression maker’ who has a hard heart. And has the capability of bringing you down till you hate your life.

Netizens have expressed their desire to know more and it is for that reason Jalangoo invited Zeddy to Bonga na Jalas.

Zeddy was speaking to Jalangoo on Wednesday 8th of July in an attempt to clear the air.

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Zeddy disclosed that she has left Churchill show after eight years of comedy. So as to pave way for younger and upcoming artists and comedians.

Like other comedians, Zeddy admitted that she went for auditions for eight months before she could make a stage appearance.

Speaking on the troubles that comedians go through in the industry, she confessed that they go through so much. As a result, most of them end up disturbed and depressed.

The tribulations- Zeddy

However, according to her, the comedians fear to tell Churchill their worries because Victor Ber and J Blessing the producer are always there.

(Zeddy also did an expose on J Blessing but later pulled down the post as requested by his lawyer.)

Jalangoo went ahead to defend his friend Ber by suggesting that he has to be harsh in his line of work. He also expressed that most comedians love to live lavishly and big just after a few shows which is ridiculous. Since they can not change their lives overnight.

Sleepy suffering…

“Sleepy is suffering but he can not open up, ” declared Jalangoo.

Sleepy David a comedian at Churchill show, was among the first people to throw stones after Zeddy’s daring expose. He claimed that Zeddy was only chasing clout in a strategy to become famous and tarnish the highly praised Churchill show.

see caption

Zeddy the comedian did not stop at anything, to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth. She sounded brutally candid and sincere expressing no regrets. Seemingly the information was too much to absorb as Jalangoo even stopped her mid-sentence; “You’re lying Zeddy!” He cried out. But the mother of three was quick to swear by the name of Prophet Muhammad.

Male comedians distress

Zeddy the comedian went on to enlighten Jalangoo and netizens that the male comedians suffer the most. Because they seek to live a fake life to impress ladies, yet they can not afford the life. As a result, they end up having money problems because of other bills, eventually getting miserable and not opening up. It is for that reason most male comedians will choose to commit suicide among other alternative options.

The lively lady affirmed that she tries to reach out to each comedian out of ‘motherly love and care’. Even though some of them feel like celebrities and can not be reached.

She chatted about Wakimani who used to be in Churchill Show until AKA(Ayeiya) passed on. Wakimani had been the driver when the fatal accident that saw AKA(Ayeiya) sent to an early grave occurred. And for that reason, AKA’s family has been on his neck accusing him of murder. They reported him and have been soliciting a sum of twenty-one million shillings as compensation.

Wakimani who undoubtedly could not raise such an obnoxious amount got so depressed and chose to hide from the public. Apparently, he had even opted to go to the streets announcing that he would like to sell his kidney. So as to raise the lump sum.

Zeddy also articulated that Njoro the Comedian among several other comedians are not in a good place. Both mentally and financially.

She finished off by advising upcoming artists and comedians not to fake their lives. And to constantly open up if they are hurting or suffering.

By Wanjiru Mbaru.

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2 years ago

I do not appreciate Jalang’o chiming in and calling Zeddy a liar!!!! That is not how it is supposed to be. Let Zeddy tell her story. It’s her experience after all. Also,I think Zeddy has a point. If you are struggling,feel free to speak up. Don’t put up facades that will leave you distraught. I also think that something needs to happen at the Churchill show. These complaints are too many and too precise to be coincidental.

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Watch the interview to understand context

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