Popular you-tuber Yummy Mummy narrowly escaped death on Monday morning, she explained on her Instagram page.

The Switch Tv host took to her Instagram to explain the ordeal.

I got into a car accident this morning. I wasn’t hurt but my car is pretty badly damaged. I’m so grateful to God for preserving my life ? My brakes locked so my car refused to slow down and I rammed into the back of a Citi Hoppa. My life legit flashed before my eyes as the bus got closer – I was like okay so this is the end, Joan. It has me thinking about what legacy I’m going to leave on earth when my time here is done. What’s one thing you would remember me for or that I have taught you? I’d love to know. Read her post.

Yummy Mummy went ahead to explain further what happened in her Instagram stories. While her fans empathized with her for what happened.

Explaining that she had just left the gym, Yummy said that her brakes failed and she drove right into the back of a Citi hoppa that had stoped right in front of her.

She admitted that she wasn’t hurt other than shaky legs and sore chest(boobs).

Yummy Mummy- wear your seatbelts!

Guys always wear your seatbelts. My boobs hit the steering so hard I thought they were gonna burst. Explained Yummy Mummy saying that she had just taken off her seatbelt as she turned to the road.

I’m so scared

The YouTuber explained that she was so scared and she doubts if she will ever drive again.

Genuinely shaken by this. I literally saw my life flash before my eyes as I got closer and closer to the Citi Hoppa.

Fortunately, for her, she was only driving at 30KM/H. But the officers who attended her were not convinced enough that her breaks were not working and threatened that it would be a court case. And she would be charged with reckless driving.

In her recent update, however, Joan has said that she’s not going to court.

Yummy Mummy

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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