Failed politician Boniface Mwangi has continuously shown his relentlessness in publicly insulting the President. I bet it’s really satisfying to him. And there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him.

A few months ago, Mwangi had taken to his social media platforms to brag about how he turned down the President’s job offer.

Sharing a photo project he did where he put the President in diapers, Boniface boasted about how he never voted for Uhuru. See the article here.

In his recent antics to remain relevant, the activist has turned to body shaming the president.

So Mwangi has argued on his Facebook page that there are very few fat presidents in the world. Adding that the presidency is such a tough job. And there’s no way anyone would add weight unless they are just a lazy toad.

How many fat presidents are there in the world? The presidency is a stressful job and it’s impossible to be fat unless you’re just a lazy toad.

He wrote

Mwangi went ahead to label Uhuru as the boss of debts saying that all he does is borrow money and eat it.

Boss Madeni. Kazi ni kukopa na kukula mkopo.

The former photographer added a quote the president made three years ago about how much money the govt loses in a day. And urged his fans who were obviously irked to stop catching feelings.

“Over Ksh.2 billion is stolen from government everyday.” – President Uhuru Kenyatta 18 January 2021. Uhuru knows that but not a single person is in jail for corruption, that’s what should spark your outrage. Stop catching feelings about things that don’t matter.

Boniface unapologetically said that there’s nothing we can do about what he said. And if we don’t like it we should just ignore it the way we ignore corruption.

I said what l said 😃. Mtafanya? He asked

I have no idea where Mwangi’s loathe for the president originates from but I think attacking him and insulting him online is so low of him. I’d advise that he write him a letter addressing all the hatred and stop influencing innocent Kenyans into body shaming and insulting the president.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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