Two Sugoi women are stranded in Nairobi, struggling to meet President William Ruto since September 13.

The two, namely Eunice Tabut and Everlyn Chepkemei said they walked from Sugoi, Uasin Gishu County to Nairobi to witness Ruto’s swearing-in on September 13, 2022. Unfortunately, they are now stranded in the city.

Eunice and Everlyn claimed that they have not managed to earn an appointment with President Ruto to hand him his Mkokoteni gift.

The two revealed to a local tv station that they were left stranded in Nairobi moments after attending their ‘son’s’ big day.

This is after their plans to meet the head of state did not mature. When asked why they wanted to see the country’s first-in-command, Evelyn Chepkemei, a mother of three recounted that they had planned to gift a cart to the president for his win in the just-concluded general election.

Sugoi women


“When we went to Statehouse, we were asked if we had an appointment. I told the security details my appointment was to gift my cart to the president. He then asked me to head to his(Ruto’s) Karen residence,”Everlyn narrated. “I went to Karen to wait but to date, I was not granted an appointment. Our main aim of coming was to gift the president, exchange pleasantries and pray together for the win of Kenya Kwanza,” she added.

Everlyn is disappointed that days later she still has not seen the Head of State without an appointment 

“Sijapatana na Ruto na lengo langu ni ambayo ilinileta nikumpea hii zawadi. Hio mkokoteni yangu na anisalimie hivi tuongee na yeye na tuombe pamoja kwasababu ya ushindi ya Kenya kwanza. Hio ni zawadi kubwa ambayo nilimletea lakini sijapea yeye sijapewa nafasi kuingia “

The second woman also about chipped in the situation and why the need to meet the President. 

“tumeandamana na dada yangu hapa Everlyne Kepkemei kukuja kushuhudia ushindi wa Kenya kwanza Kasarani August 13. Tulisafiri mda wa siku tano na kwa hivi sasa tulipotoka Kasarani tulikuwa tumechoka na tulikuwa tumeumia miguu “

“We were patient with the president even after he went to the UK to attend the departed monarch’s burial ceremony but we have still not met him, we are asking to meet him so that we are able to return home,” Eunice added.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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