City lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui has been accused by a woman of being in a cult.

A lady, Tabitha Wamaitha has accused Kinyanjui of practicing and participating in harmful religious practices known as freemason. The applicant believes the 4th respondent practices and participates harmful religious practices known as freemanson, reads court papers.

The woman moved to court seeking that the body of the child they sired together exhumed.

In the court documents, the woman claims that their daughter died suddenly in October 2017 at MP Shah hospital. And also adds that the baby suffered from Downs Syndrome and heart complications. But Kinyanjui never supported the child medical situations.

Wamaitha says that before her death, the child had a fever a day before and despite her insisting on taking her to hospital, Kinyanjui refused.

After the death of the child, the woman claims that she suggested that the baby be buried at Lang’ata Cemetery or on her land in Maai Mahiu after an autopsy had been done, in which both parties agreed. She, however, claims that, that did not happen, accusing Kinyanjui of changing the place of burial and having a secret autopsy conducted by a pathologist known to Kinyanjui. Wamaitha says that since the burial she has visited the graveyard once.

As a result, she has strong reasons to believe that there was foul play in the death of her daughter. Therefore, she wants the body exhumed and an autopsy conducted by a public pathologist. And for her to be allowed to bury the body in her piece of land or a neutral place.

Kinyanjui has, however, denied the allegations saying that he had nothing to do with the death of their daughter saying that he loves his deceased infant as strongly in death as he always did from the date of her birth. The two however parted ways in March 2018 even though they were never marrie as wamaitha is claiming.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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