Journalist Willy M Tuva and gospel singer Bunny extended their support to Producer Magix Enga in the wake of his financial challenges. The pair visited Magix Enga at his Nakuru home, accompanied by Presenter Kai.

On the second day of the year, we visited our brother @magix_enga at his hood in Nakuru with @asilabunny and @presenterkai. We need to bring back his magic!

Mzazi Willy Tuva stated.
L-R: Bunny Asila, Magix Enga, Willy Tuva, Presenter Kai\

Though famous, Magix Enga has been undergoing tough financial times due to unemployment.

“Currently I don’t have a job... Very famous and broke. We out here trying again.”

The beat king expressed.
Magix Enga

Willy Tuva Visits Magix Enga

L-R: Bunny Asila, Magix Enga, Willy Tuva, Presenter Kai

Presenter Willy Tuva described a successful visit, whose main aim is to restore Magix Enga to his former beat king glory.

“Our objective is to bring back MAGIX’ MAGIC. He introduced us to his brothers, friends and got the opportunity to witness a talent showcase. We discussed the problem and worked on a solution.”

Willy Tuva stated.

Magix Enga Struggles

In late 2023, Magix Enga shocked netizens after expressing that he is broke. The situation for the father-of-one got so bad that he could not afford rent for his music studio.

“I have 1 month baby boy who is depending on me .I tried to pull myself together but the studio I was working with shut down because of rent issues.”

The singer said.
Magix Enga

Despite working with big names and producing numerous hit songs, the rapper reportedly earned nothing for his efforts.

“Magix Enga is the most talented beat King in Africa and in the world. Some of the artist that I collaborated with took advantage of me. Am not benefitting from most of the songs that I produced.”

Magix Enga stated.

By Vivian K.

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