Musician Willy Paul has signed in a new female artist to his record label Saldido Entertainment.

Willy made the announcement on his social media platforms sharing lovely pictures of his new signee.

Bwana mkunaji asked his fans to help him welcome his new signee going by the name Queen P. (Looks like Willy has a thing for girls whose names begin with P? Because his first female signee was Miss P whom they had a major fallout. With Miss P accusing Silly of sexual assault). See article.

We have chosen you because you deserve the position. Wrote Willy. Adding that he can not wait for the world to hear what she got.

And for those who didn’t know, Queen P is the daughter of veteran Kikuyu singer Mike Rua! Willy had to add that just to boast.

For those of you with no info, we’ve just signed #MIKERUA‘S DAUGHTER. yes @queenp254 is Mike Rua’s Real daughter.. a very talented Kikuyu lady.

Willy has also revealed that the new signee will be dropping her first song on Sunday, 21st. And y’all should definitely wait to experience it.

His fans have expressed various reactions to the news. So some have made remarks about him deciding to chew her making her leave the label. And others have taken to congratulate her. Here are some reactions:

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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