Gospel singer Willy Paul called out for ‘sliding’ in DMs.

I thought this weird habit ended as soon as DNG was exposed because of the same.

Read this if you missed his exposé.

Willy Paul has been addressed over time for his dubious behavior. But as it appears he doesn’t give a hoot about it.

The controversial musician was recently forced to answer who Shakilla was. I’m asking the same question as well.

Hey it’s Willy Paul

So it turns out that Willy Paul slid in the girl’s DM and requested to hang out with her. The girl in question was being speculated to be a high school student.

Willy acted like a good celebrity and invited the girl to the studio so that she would get to experience a piece of his life.

The duo later went to Willy’s house where things escalated.

The Sitolia hitmaker proceeded to demand goodies from the girl. But she turned his requests down.

The rejection got Willy mad as the lady tells it. Because he did not see why grownups should engage in the act yet it’s a normal thing.

What followed next was an awkward conversation as he drove the minor to her home.

I don’t know Shakilla

In an Instagram live with Xtian Dela, fans demanded that Willy address the issue.

And you know what Willy said? “Sijui hio ni nini”. Watch video below.

Netizens were quick to dismiss the girl in question via Edgar Obare‘s Instagram. So apparently the girl tries to force herself in the lives of celebrities as she probably wants to be famous.

Other netizens were not surprised at all since they are aware of Willy Paul’s behavior. He is said to be known for always chasing after girls. Some even shared bits of their conversations with the musician.

I feel like there’s a need for these so-called Celebrities to tame themselves. And learn how to handle their thirst without necessarily trying to bed every Instagram girl.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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?but he’s accepted he slides if he’s interested na he’s denied knowing that chik Shakilla …
she might be looking for fame n follows on her page ??which ain’t right na jina ya specific musicians ,,but people should understand that Willy is a man he’s a celeb lakini bado ni mwanaume pia

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