This covid session has not been the best with most of us.

But it could always be worse,

Well… at least as far as Tanasha Donna is concerned

From lawsuits to bad parties

And now this?

Girl needs some sage burnt


Baby Shaq dodododo…

You cannot believe how much I waited to use that title.

I mean, not specifically write about the person,

Because I don’t really know the dude to begin with.

Alafu y’all celebs need to start misbehaving again…

Can’t be out here writing about people not talking to each other



Kwani hamheshimu kazi yangu?

And before you get mad at me for dragging the story.

You had a ten week headstart before I wrote this article.

Remember that little highlight on Obare’s called “Shaq?”

You know what to do…

But seriously, here’s the story…

So, Shaq the Yungin was on some instalive with Shaffie Weru,

And he was talking to The Raverend about not talking with Tanasha Donna anymore

I mean kasoro ndogo ndogo, right?

Here’s the video kabla mwanze ooo

Mans hana receipts

Tanasha comes up around the 42nd minute

But the real story happened like 10 weeks ago.

Beginning of the end?

So it all started when Shaq went on IG to post that he’d “lost someone he’d been riding for”

Well, tea pickers did what they do best.

Someone immediately pointed out that they’d both unfollowed each other.

We all don’t need rocket science to tell how that turned out.

That still doesn’t give us the reason though…

Lakini watu na Obare na hunches ni kina nani?

Bad week

So in the same week, Tanasha was also threatening on suing Edgar Obare over promoting her music video on his Instagram page

I mean, so much was going on for her then,

But am I the only one that’s noticing that she’s slowly doing away with her old clique?

Changing the narrative perhaps?

You tell me,

But I gotta go for now,

Again, tell you local celebrities to misbehave,

I miss me a good cup of tea,

Now bye,

“I garra separate to elevate.”

By Baba Mboga.

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Haha I gotta separate to elevate…..I was sure not to miss that in the video.


interesting story .. and why is she always hanging out with Jamal Gaddafi, I would like to know her true motives ..

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