By TeaBag

What’s up monke?

What’s bothering you monke?

Is it other monkes?

Is it the numbers on your electronic ledger?

Are they too low?

Did some other monke make you feel you weren’t good enough in some way?

Maybe they said your face wasn’t proportionate.

Or they laughed at your ledger numbers…

Or maybe they ignored the message you sent them on your electronic thingamajig?

I know you wanted the boom boom to avoid the cold monke.

You sly monke you.

But don’t worry monke.

What’s there to worry about anyway?

You have 80 trips around a ball of fire monke.

That’s 29,200 days total.

And assuming you’re 20,

That’s 21,900 days spinning on a space rock

a 4.5 billion year old space rock spinning at 1600 kilometers per hour

in a solar system

In a galaxy

In a super galaxy cluster

In an ever expanding universe

Ever growing.


Think about it this way monke…

In 50,000 days you’ll probably be just but a memory.

And like all memories you will soon be forgotten.

No one will care how many numbers you had in your ledger,

How many metal carts you owned.

How many stone huts you built.

Or how much space you claimed on this spinning space rock.

It will all be in vain monke.

But that’s just how we’re built monke.

To be is to want.

To want is to ultimately be unsatisfied.

And to be unsatisfied is to want more.

From monies

to curries

and all of the hunnies,

Life has it’s way of distracting you from this truth.

Whether it’s in identity politics or religion or the race to the top of the socio-economic ladder.

Don’t beat yourself up.

No one ever remembered a normie monke.

Well…. apart from his family.

What makes a monke memorable among his monke peers?

Certainly not the numbers in their ledger.


Monkes are remembered by their dedication to a cause

And how said cause helped other monkes.

Well… apart from this one obviously.

You see.

As you spend each of your 29,200 days out in the cosmos.

Sit down.

Grab a banana.

Think about your days monke.

Will you spend them hurting or helping other monkes?

Tik tok monke

Tik tok.

Aand no, I’m not talking about the app.

All in all.

Quit being a normie.

Reject humanity.

Be Monke.


Tree Monke.

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Loved it monke

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