Rumors have been rife that Nigerian singer Davido was set to perform in Kenya for the first time.

“This May 21 we present to you OBO!!! Baddest boy himself Davido. Terms and conditions apply, reservation information coming soon. More details dropping this week. Are you ready for Davido Live in Kenya?” read the 2icentertainment caption of the poster.

His diehard fans were eagerly awaiting y for him until his manager announced that the IF hitmaker would not be performing in Kenya.

His manager Bobo F. Ajudua rubbished the rumours, saying people should be aware of cons. “Kenya show? A different Davido o,” he said. Adding that he really hoped that no one was out there purchasing tickets.

2icentertainment went ahead and deleted the poster on their Instagram page and Twitter handle, without offering an explanation to excited fans.


Details as to why the affluent singer will not be performing just emerged shocking netizens. WhatsApp conversation between a Nairobi-based entertainment manager and Davido’s manager, Asa Asika, confirmed the show would not take place. 

A source claimed that 2incentertainment reached out to Davido management. And a contract was sent to them on what was required of them. They were supposed to pay an advance to book him and had been given a deadline of April 26, which elapsed without them depositing a penny.

That’s why they were asked to bring down the fliers they had put up,” said the entertainment Manager.

Davido had charged the promoters $300,000 (Sh35 million) for the show: $250,000 as his performance fees. The extra $50,000 was to cater for his private jet. 

The organiser added that the crew lacked strategy on how to bring Davido to Kenya:

They clearly lacked strategies on how they could possibly exploit to the maximum such an opportunity. My guess is that they thought bringing Davido would be cheap. They did not even have a single sponsor on board by the time they reached out to him. I’m saying this because they were referred to me to help them get sponsors, but I turned them down because the notice was too short.”

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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