How the hell do you not know who shot Megan?

Like Meg from Family Guy that gets shot almost every episode

So ummh….Tory Lanez made a cameo in family guy and shot Meg?

Just kidding

That’d be funny if it happened though right?


Onto other things that gets shot


Probably when they get sick?

Stallions if you may.

I know my taste in a comedic intro just went dark

But why should we laugh?

Megan thee stallion just got shot!.

And you won’t believe who people are saying pulled the trigger…

Tory forgot to stick to his lanez with Megan

Y’all remember Tory?

Like Quarantine radio Tory?

The ninja that Ferrous Sidika curved “ALLEGEDLY.”

Here’s the blog to that by the way.

So apparently Tory Lanez, Kylie Jenner and Megan Thee Stallion were chilling out at Hollywood hills.

Details have remained sketchy…

What we do know however is that the police arrested Tory Lanez in relation to possesion of a firearm in the vehicle he was driving in.

This is felony charge that means the Canadian singer could be potentially locked up for up to 3 years.

He’s currently been released on $35,000 bail and his case will be heard on October 13th

It was initially thought that Megan’s foot was injured by a piece of broken glass but she went on Instagram to set the story straight.

Megan’s best friend Kelsey Nicole was also in the car at the time and has since denied shooting Megan in an Instagram post

“I WASN’T the one with the gun and I would never do something like that. However, I was present.

More details?

A new report claims that the Canadian singer fired shots at Megan Thee Stallion “from within the vehicle wile Megan was outside trying to leave”

The source also claims that there could be a video to the whole incident and that the police were investigating.

A video of the police arresting Tory Lanez and Megan leaving the vehicle they were both in has since been released.Tory was lying face first on the ground besides Megan who was limping and bleeding from her foot as she followed instructions from the authorities.

What I got from the whole situation…

I really just don’t get it

So in the first video I saw Tory Lanez and Megan in the hot tub having a good time,

We can safely assume that they weren’t beefing at the time.

But now there’s Megan clarifying that she just got shot by Tory.

They were arrested in the same vehicle.

I might not know a lot about guns but I do know that you don’t shoot someone and still have them ride in the car with you…

I mean of course if it was accidental, but still.

Maybe he was taking her to the hospital after all this happened.

But who am I to speculate.

I’ll just watch the whole story unfold from here.

Here’s my Instagram though

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This article has a lot of unnecessary words.


The whole thing is so unclear because even TMZ at some point had made a mistake about the story




We need kenyan drama not these thinhs


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