Let’s finally talk about this Edgar person and what he does.

First of all red flag right?

“hOW cAn eDGaR ObARe wRItE aBOuT eDGaR ObARe!”

Simmer down

simmer down luv

I’m not Edgar.

If you come here often you might catch me by the name Baba Mboga

And to be honest, I’m not for posh posts because..


people change?

and well… the internet is forever

But hey… we gotta celebrate the good times, right?

Think of this post as a bronchure at this big London hotel,

The Savoy they call it?


Think of this as a bronchure at The Savoy talking about the importance of tea in our daily lives.

And how much BNN has helped alot of us through the many turmoils of 2020.

Here’s what our “celebrities” and majority of KOT don’t understand.

#1. It’s not always about you


You did you.. gained a few Instagram followers and omokad right?

You are now a voice,

An icon.

And because of this, brands approach you to use that voice.

Now, if your voice represented a specific thing e.g. how to live well as a married couple like in the Murayas case,

We have young couples looking up to you, right?

Twende polepole.

And looking up to you they follow the example you put out there, sindio?

Then you went ahead and wiggled that toondaloonda on video call and got screenshotted.

Don’t you think denying these people the truth is kinda selfish?

Now you have all these people running around trying to fit into shoes that you measured out but can’t wear yourself.

I mean sure, ni aibu no lie

But you know what you signed up for when you started pushing for those followers, right?


Well now you know.

And the least you could do is acknowledge it and apologize instead of diverting attention from the truth anga oooh, “ruining people’s marriages” oooh “mind your business.”


It’s not our fault you have bad friends who screenshot your chats and put the real you out to the world.

We have a word for it… it’s called “Accountability”

And I quote:

“Someone who is accountable is completely responsible for what they do and must be able to give a satisfactory reason for it”

-Some weird website on Google (2020)

#2. “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself”.

The imperfections in other people that trigger us the most are the imperfections we loath in ourselves.

Because they are mostly repressed, studying our hatred towards these people can help us come clean with who we actually are.

I just stole the two lines off this site that has a whole article about it.

You can read it here.

I’m not explaining smack on this…

You’ll figure it out when you do.


A perfectly normal example of this is Arturo from Money Heist

We all hated him right?


With this information at hand and knowing how Nairobi is from Xtiandela and Moodzkenya’s stories on IG,

Suddenly all this hate makes sense.

It’s really a question of “what if that person exposed was me?”

And they take all this imaginary anger they have towards gossip and pour it into 140 characters.

#3. Gossip is an actual industry (Si Edgar Obare tu)

Gossip has been with us from time immemorial.

Women talk about their families,

Men call it “politics”

But really it’s just different lines from the same script..

“So and so said this to this person and this is what I feel about it.”

Common script.

It’s just that one determines if a marriage stays alive and the other determines the fate of 45 million Kenyans.

Back to my point.

From Wendy Williams, TMZ, Drama Alert, The Young Turks,

Gossip has been a high grossing industry worldwide especially in developed countries.

And guess what Kenya is doing?


Go figure.

As long as social beings (humans) walk this earth, gossip will always be a thing.

You can either embrace it or let it be a micro-aggression every time you see an update on Edgar’s stories

You will simp,

And we will sip regardless.

Kuna watu hii kazi inatuamsha, inatulisha.

Yeah, sure sijaomoka.

But it’s refreshing knowing that someone can have all that money, influence and still act like a dunce.

Sema ni kujisifu but kila mtu hujijua right?

We have seen people from all walks of life talk about their life experiences on Edgar’s lives and it makes us realise there’s nothing wrong with us.

And under all this anonymity we realize that deep down,

Under all these labels and zeroes in bank accounts,

We’re just all the same humans

The only difference is circumstance

If you don’t want to face that reality after reading all this,

Then why am I even writing in the first place?

“Hatred is often blind, because we choose not to see.

But when we stop and peek at what’s behind it, we learn.”



Here’s a movie I really think you should watch.

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3 years ago

Great article, hate is often blind.

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