More often than not, we have experienced the rise and fall of celebrities and artists. It’s not anything new, even though we do not get to know what happened.

The rise of Boondocks Gang

When Boondocks Gang came to the limelight about three years ago, they posed as one of those groups that do not separate. They were promising and took the entertainment industry by storm.

We were experiencing the evolution of Kenyan hip-hop which blossomed into Gengetone with Boondocks gang, Ethic, Sailors Gang, and others leading the evolution. Theirs wasn’t the usual kind of hardcore hip-hop like that of Ukoo Fulani. It was different.

The invasion of Gengetone shocked many with a lot of people like Jalango saying that the genre would be dead sooner than later.

So Boondocks gang consisted of three super talented young men namely Exray, Odi wa Muranga, and Edu Maddox. Overtime, Kenyans had noticed that the group had been leaving out Edu in interviews and certain collabos.

Boondocks gang

The fall

It was not long before each artist went their way with Odi wa Muranga venturing into Mugithi. And Exray flourishing with Gengetone.

Nobody knew the whereabouts of their member Edu, until a fan reached out to Nairobi Gossip Club with some tea. The fan claimed that they had bumped into the retired musician at an alcohol den borrowing money and alcohol. He was also seemingly unhealthy and had lost so much weight.

In response, Edu took to Instagram to announce that he was okay. And would soon be releasing a new song.

Nko back my family 😊🤲💯💥💥🔥🔥a New Single Banger video loading, he wrote.

Boondocks gang

Recently, other fans reached out to NGC once more with reports of Edu. The young man has been reported to be doing even worse. According to the source, the boy has no roof over his head, sleeps hungry nearly all the time and his health is only deteriorating.

The source also said that the singer does not even own a phone. It was reported that his former gang members have not shown any willingness or even bothered to look out for him or help him.

What do you think artists should do better to avoid such?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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