The Wajesus family seems not to tire with their lies and pretense.

In their recent stunt, the couple lied that they have never received or seen any messages from popular blogger Edgar Obare.

Edgar has time and again sent a direct message to the couple in an attempt to hear their sides of the story in various instances. However, they blatantly ignore the DMs.

We’ve never seen his messages

Speaking recently to SPM, Milly Wajesus addressed and asked Edgar Obare to find better ways of reaching out to them. Because they have so many messages in their DMs thus they always miss his.

The mother of one even offered to give Edgar her number. So that it’s easier for him to reach out to her.

“I think if he is a professional journalist, he should find a better way to reach people. To be honest, we have so many inbox messages and him saying that he sent us a DM, and we did not get back to him, it’s like saying you called someone whose number was offline and claiming you called them. I have never seen any of his messages on Inbox. If he wants my number, I can give him my number for an easier way to reach me.”She said.

Her husband Kabi Wajesus weighed in revealing that they have a manager, a PA, and a whole team that Edgar can reach out to.

“My Ig is full of messages and if someone wants to reach us, we have a manager, a PA and a team that works behind us to see that everything goes on well.” He stated.

Let me weigh in as well. I have not studied everything about body language. But I can easily tell a liar when I see one. You could easily read it written all over their faces that they were lying about never seeing Edgar’s messages. And hopefully, this family that rejoices in misusing the name of Jesus will learn to behave better .

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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