Let’s talk about Hamisa but first of all…

Lordy Lordt!

I will be damn honest.

I mean this week has just been full of news

But not really earth shattering so as to warrant a well done article.

Well forgive me for being a perfectionist

But ain’t no way in heaven or hell am I keeping up with the Mauzos

… You know, your typical Shikwekwe, Akothee, Ambe Ray etc etc

Buuuuut, I can tell you I got you something from the 255?


It just involves a way more richer, lowkey more melanated and popular musician that apparently doesn’t prey on accomplished women to fund his struggling music career.

But anyway

Today’s cup of Tanzanian tea comes from someone with his own roster of women (who also happen to be his baby mamas)

And of course the boy’s mama is involved too because it’s Tanzania…

I mean why the heck not?

Sandra Dangotte tells off mOBETTO

So Mama Dangote went on all cylinders and fired at Hamisa Mobetto on Instagram

The mother to the Tanzania superstar took to IG to post this:

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Duh ???

A post shared by Jay Maudaku (@jaymaudaku) on

And I translate:

“Our clan is full please! How does one force themselves into a clan? Someone help me out, legally, is clansman ship forced?”

Sandra Dangote aka Diamond’s mum.

Hamisa Mobetto’s previous statement

This comes barely days after Hamisa Mobetto spoke in an interview regarding her problems in getting along with her former Mother in law.

Former? Yeup!

Diamond recently flaunted his new bae but that’s a story for another day?

Here’s a sneak peak though:

The two have been known to be in a really nasty relationship with Sandra outright claiming that Hamisa’s son was not Diamond’s

I mean mother in laws can be a bish.

But damn!

This is straight out hate…

The best she can do is move the heck on.

Here’s the whole interview.

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