Social media influencer Vera Sidika celebrated her divorce from singer Brown Mauzo with an extravagant party. And she made sure her social media got a front-row seat to all the festivities.

Vera shared videos and photos of the party on Instagram, boldly declaring, “A divorce party is better than therapy.”

The mother of two posted glimpses of the event, which featured all the elements of a wild and unforgettable night.

“Welcome to my DIVORCE PARTY! Theme; Ratchet. Doing a divorce party is better than therapy,” Vera captioned her video, also adding, “Marriage is scam. Trendsetter.”

The party was attended by The Real Housewives of Nairobi cast and several of Vera’s friends. As the festivities kicked off, Vera stated, “Free like a bird, let’s get this party started. Marriage is a scam you all.”

Vera Sidika at her divorce party

Despite her bold statements, Vera clarified that her views on marriage were personal. “When I say marriage is a scam, that’s my opinion and views on it. It’s not a fact. To some, marriage is beautiful; to me, marriage is a scam,” she explained.

Were Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo Legally Married?

During the celebration, Vera addressed critics who questioned the legitimacy of her marriage to Brown Mauzo. She posted a copy of her marriage certificate on her InstaStory.

She stated, “Why would I lie about being legally married? Like, is there a reward for marriage that would make me lie about it? My parents did not know I got married because we did not do a wedding ceremony. We did Nikkah with a well-known Sheikh in Kenya. It happened so randomly and fast. During the meeting with my divorce lawyer on RHON, I said I do not have my marriage certificate because my ex-husband took it and went with it. I did not have it on me. All I have is a scan and not the original document.”

When asked why she did not have a big wedding, Vera responded, “This is so dumb. It happened so fast, we did Nikkah and planned to have a wedding ceremony, but I got pregnant so we said after the babies we will do our wedding. I had Asia and then got pregnant again with Ice. Postponed and before it happened, we had already broken up and I was filing for divorce.”

Did Vera Sidika Marry just for Kids?

Addressing those who suggested she married Brown Mauzo just so he could father her children, Vera retorted, “You were never in the marriage to know what exactly happened, so hush. If I wanted kids, even sperm banks have them, with zero baby daddy drama. And I wouldn’t need to waste 3 years of my life married just to get kids.”

To those who suggested she rushed to have children because of her age, Vera replied, “And what do you mean I’m nearing the red line (menopause)? I am 34, I still have enough time. In fact, I want to have one more at 40, and I do not need marriage for that.”

By Vivian K.

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