Lol Vera.

Shikwekwe damn did it this time.

It has been a mighty minute hoomans.

So news just came up that Ferrous Sidika and some other brown mehameha here just got engaged.

Otile was a brown too right?

I mean….

There was a ring and all but…

This IS Vera Sidika we’re talking about.

Same Vera that claimed she rejected Tory freaking Lanez?

Yeah right…

Or… remember that other time she was promoting some other kitty juice that was supposed to magically make men spend money on you?

Well, sure booboo.

We’ll just believe it for now…

Next to flying elephants and the US moon landing footage.

So this happened on Vera Sidika’s IG…

Vera just posted a pic of her doing some arsty shiz with her fingers and what not.

I mean, I wanna give commentary but…

You’re gonna have to see it to believe it

Here’s the pic:

I would at most sus Vera pulling a BS stunt like this coz hey,

Brown Mauzo kinda has been doing rounds with the whos and whos in the showbiz industry.

Mlisema mali safi iende chain chain?

You’d think after Amber Ray and FREAKING AKOTHEE mans angeshtuka hata kidogo.

But he’s just dropping famous panties like freaking DJ Khaled.

And not in a good way.

It’s mainly been debated and all but word on the streets is that it’s all fake.

A sham.

Kinda like Vera’s social life lately.

I really hadn’t

Paparazzi wa Obare hufanya kazi overtime.

So this landed on Instagram and I think I’ll let you be the judge of it.


Parting shot.

Brown Mauzo,

Don’t let these shitty 5000 bob earning bloggers stop you for living your dream.

Go international fam.

Get to score Halle Berry and live a happy day watching sunsets on the beach with your damn cocktails and whatnot

Just don’t forget to say hi.

Malizana na Shikwekwe kwanza tunakungoja hapa.

Now scat.

Si here’s a link to my Instagram?

SI bye!

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