Vanessa Cheruto alias Vanessa Chettle admitted in hospital after being involved in an accident which caused the death of her baby.

The former socialite said her partner and her were involved in a motorbike accident. But she didn’t think it was serious until she started having abdominal pains.

Vanessa, who gave birth to her firstborn by herself in the bathroom, also delivered her second born the same way only to bleed excessively forcing her partner to call an ambulance.

Hey guys! I’d like to share some of my pics from a journey I started this year but sadly did not get to finish like I hoped.. yeah I was pregnant, just didn’t announce it publicly.

“A few days ago though, my partner & I encountered a motorcycle accident that we didn’t think was that serious, the weather was bad so we headed home, as I was making breakfast the next day, I started having sharp abdominal pains & in less than an hour I was bleeding in the bathroom screaming & waiting for an ambulance..sigh

“History repeat itself and I gave birth to my barely six months old baby girl right there! Another miracle that made it into this crazy world in a crazy way though she was perfect! The only problem is that she was too early and I was too weak. I held her so close, myself drifting n out of consciousness and finally we made it to hospital. I was going to name her Ayanna,” Vanessa Chettle wrote on Instagram.

The loss

The young lass went on to narrate how after getting to the hospital, the baby was put in an incubator. Describing the sight as awful, she said that it is not one for the fainthearted.

Still hooked to machines and deep into blood transfusions,I wasn’t allowed to leave or move for 24 hours. My family didn’t want to tell me anything either,they just wanted me to get “back to life” She went on.

So I waited n waited n when I could finally see her I was broken. I prayed she would survive but she looked so frail n was so tiny. Cried Vanessa.

And after four good days,my baby’s lungs gave in 😢 yes this is God’s plan but it hurt so much. I’ve been through a lot but this surpasses it all. I will always cherish those few days I got to be with her n the months I got to carry her. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to bring life into this world again but God will provide all the hope I need. She concluded by encouraging herself.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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