University of Nairobi will not open in September according to it’s Vice Chancellor Professor Kiama.

He cited that the University Senate had decided to assist in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have issued our advisory that September 2020 reopening will be impossible as we expect cases to peak in November. We shall not take risks,” – VC Kiama

This comes after a move by the government via the Ministry of Education to have tertiary institutions re-opened in September.

University Of Nairobi Vice Chancellor Kiama Gitahi.

Professor Kiama stated that the university was in the epicenter of the COVID-19 and that they would not reopen until advised by experts.

This means that all first year students will have admission online and not have to come to school physically.

Students that are already enrolled will register online and await as the COVID-19 curve flattens.

“By Saturday we had 21 cases of positive staff and they are increasing… we’ve lost others and its a fact… UoN has over 65,000 students who live in all parts of Nairobi. You cannot tell us that putting sanitizer in the hostels will help… until we are advised by experts…we do not think will reopen anytime soon,”- Prof. Kiama.

Here’s what a few Kenyans had to say on the matter.

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