Imagine getting one million Kenya Shillings just to shave your unkempt locs?

Instagram model Robert Ndwegwa fondly referred to as Thee Pluto by his fans disclosed that he got that amount to chop off his locs.

I know a lot of you call them dreadlocks. But here’s a reminder that there’s absolutely nothing dreadful about the locs. Unless they are untidy or smelly.

So Pluto who has been rubbing shoulders with politicians lately, said that he was motivated to cut his locs to appear presentable.


The big chop left his fans stunned as they expressed various reactions. Some noted that he looked better while others argued that the locs made him appear cute.

Why I Cut the locs

In an ask me a question segment on his Instagram stories, the entrepreneur was honest enough as to why he cut off his locs.

A fan asked him what pushed you to cut the locs bruh? To which he said: “Several factors pushed me to cut my locks. They include: rebranding and craving a change but ultimately and most importantly it was a Sh1 million dare from a friend.”

Also speaking To youtuber Mungai Eve, Pluto added:

” Someone dared me that If I shave my dreads they would give me a million in cash. The offer was made weeks ago.

I thought about it and I finally decided to go through with it. I have not been given the cash but I will receive the cash on Saturday.

Adding: I would not have shaved the dreadlocks if there was no money involved, it was my signature look.

If you have locs, you have no reason to go broke. Surround yourself with friends who will dare you to chop your hair for a million bob. Good thing, you can always grow your locs again.

Do you think Thee Pluto was honest?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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