By Baba Mboga.

So Octo skinny boy decided to punch back

Ndio maanake”

Yaaay…more dramaaaa

I say this in the most sarcastic way ever.

Like, y’all seen the video?

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#BreederLw IS “AFRAID” FOR HIS LIFE #Octopizzo ??

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Shit looks like a goddamn budget gangster movie.

A PLG taxi and “100 niggas in the streets.”

A.k.a three washed up cops that just agreed to come with because well…


But he did do one thing though…

Breeder almost shit his pants when Octopizzo pulled that stunt.

Let’s just start again for those who don’t follow.

There’s actually a prequel to this?

Idk if prequel is the correct word for this but hey,

Check it out here.

So… assuming you’re too lazy to read another article,

Here’s some context

The friggin’ context.

So, Octopizzo launched his new track

Allegedly bought bots

Khali, Noti Flow called him out

Breeder, feeling himself, got carried away and then this happened.

Here’s my take.

First of all,

Who even listens to Octopizzo anyway?

Don’t get me wrong,

The nigga can rap…

Lakini there’s that respect that kinda is the the X-factor as far as rappers are concerned.

The type of respect that will literally make you take time off your day to go download a musician’s album/single and actually listen to the flow of the music.

I lost that way back in 2015 when Octopizzo pulled that August Alsina stunt.

I already established that he was desperate.

Desperation doesn’t cut it in this industry.


This nigga legit pulled a Tekashi.

How he fuck do rappers call cops on other rappers?

Keep it in the studio man and stop acting like a wuss.

Alafu, si the beef was between you and Khali?

Sa I don’t get why the fuck you’re out here going after the weak link in this whole scenario.

Go pull up on Khaligraph with this bs and get your ass handed to you ???.


Alafu, you really think that Khali’s music hits because he mentioned wanting to do a collab with you?

Ebu nisaidieni kucheka hapa wakubwa

Aki si Wakenya tujiheshimu.

You’re way over your head man.

If you don’t understand what I mean click these links and maybe you’ll understand what I mean.

Click here for Khaligraph.

Click here for Octopizzo.

Nigga no one reacts to your videos.

Ama pia mskie nimetupwa Adams na PLG taxi

And to Breeder LW…


I get that you’re upcoming and I see alot of future in you because you have talent.

Si you got a deal na Hennessy juzi tu?

You’re grateful to Khali after he put you out there.

I get you,

I really do.

I’d do the same for Ed in a heartbeat.

But for fucks sake.

Don’t be a human shield.

Pick your battles wisely.

Utaenda mbali sana.

Keep doing you.

To Naughty flow,

Si tuonane next month?

Tampons and chill?


I loved Foto Moto.

Y’all can check it out by the way…

It just hit 1.3M views on YouTube

Octombitho’s got to 800k even after using bots ???.

Octo’s views legit started dropping down like…

Ebu niende hata.

The Vanguardian wants to play Call of Duty Mobile with me.

Check out my Instagram

Oh… and as a sign of goodwill Noti Flow

I’ll risk getting in trouble with my employer and drop this link over here.

Tufike 2M..

Ama namna gani myfrens?

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