Pastor and gospel singer Ruth Matete has really had to deal with a lot.

A couple of months ago, her beautiful marriage came crumbling down after her husband died in a fire accident.

Pastor Ruth Matete was criticized vehemently all over social media. And even opted to stay away for quite some time until recently when she activated her accounts again.

In a lengthy post seen on her Facebook page, Ruth has narrated how people she called friends including pastors abandoned her. And some even mocking her through fake prophecies.

Can we talk? I know this will land me in trouble with the religious people but hey! So now some of you have some weird audacity. You have never liked me from the word go and that’s alright.

When I was going through hell and high waters and scandal was my name, you turned and kept your distance. You only wanna associate with me when im a star and being celebrated. But when the rubber meets the road hamnijui, wah! Kama kuna kitu ilinihurt that time is when pastors I have ministered in their churches left me. Like no call. In fact, some of them came up with prophecies during their live broadcasts saying that God showed them I’ll go to jail and that I was guilty.

You are back-Ruth Matete

Ruth went ahead to say that now she’s recovering the same pastors are calling and texting her.

Then now, God has vindicated me. I have had to pick up my own broken pieces and try to move on, you’re back. Wow!! Calling me. Texting me. Telling me you were praying for me. Mercy Lord! Was it so hard to just call or text and tell me that? You avoided me like a plague. And didn’t want people to know that I serve in your church or I have ever served in your church. Indeed the heart of a man is wicked. Wengine wenyu, you talked and talked and I have proof. But now you’re my number one fan since I came back on social media. You comment on all my posts. Like everything I post. “Yes, pastor! We love you.” Heheheheh

Strangers stood with me

Matete admittedly wrote that strangers supported her more than anybody she called friends.

Anyway, it is well. And it shall continue being well. Strangers stood with me more than those I called ‘friends’. I have nothing against you. I won’t block you or unfriend you. I’ll let you see what God can do. Can you imagine how it would have turned out if Joseph had refused to help his brothers who had earlier on betrayed him?

Ruth Matete has obviously learned so much during her trials and tribulations. And she was gracious enough to offer some advice to her fans.

We need enemies to succeed. So please keep liking my posts. Keep commenting. And if you read this na uskie kakitu kamekudunga roho, please enda kwa ile corner and think about your life for a few seconds. Aiii! Mtapatia mtu pressure bure. Also, let’s preach Jesus Christ. The true simple gospel of Jesus Christ. The one that talks of love. Mko hapa preaching all kinds of topic kustua watu. Loyalty! Fatherhood! Submission! Giving! …anyone who leaves your church will fail! Who told you it’s your church? The church is Jesus Christ’s. I can’t be everybody’s cup of tea. I am not perfect. If everybody loves you, then you’re fake. You’re not ice cream for goodness sake!

I’m done with religion!

Ruth Matete admitted that she has quite religion.

I don’t have to be loved by everybody. But please don’t confuse the angels assigned to me…if you’re for me act like it. If you’re not, act like it. Stay in your lane. Don’t come to my inbox after reading this post. I will blast you! I’ll screenshot it and post it here. I’m so done with fake people! Done with religion. Thank God, that God is not a Christian. He is not religious. Oh! If it had not been for the Lord who was always on my side, the enemy would have swallowed me. I would have drowned in the waters. But my soul has found an escape. I have escaped like a bird from the snare of the Fowler.

Ruth who is heavily pregnant with her first baby concluded with a joking remark.

How’s the volume? Are the subwoofers working well? She asked.

By Wanjiru Mbaru.

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