Seemingly, social media drama may never end anytime soon. Welcome to YouTube drama.

Slightly over a week ago one YouTuber Raych Gitau announced that her account had been hacked.

Raych, however, did not address the issue immediately. So rumors scattered around social media that other YouTubers may have hacked. By other I mean, it could be the Wajesus family or Terence family. Addressed the rumors.


Raych Gitau went ahead and created a new YouTube channel. And even shared the link. The entire time rumors spread in regard to who hacked her account.

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When the rumors got out of hand she made a statement. She said that the WaJesus family had nothing to do with it. “They’re our babies…” She said. And they should be left out of the ongoing speculations.

Her failing to clear the air fully only left fans concluding that the Terence family did the evil act.

Raych, the self-taught chef went ahead to share a snapshot of the support she got from the WaJesus family in recreating a new channel.

She exposed the hackers in one of her videos, and surprisingly it wasn’t Milly.


On the other hand, the Terence family was suffering cyberbullying, criticism, and insults from all platforms. Because it appeared as if they were the actual hackers.

Terence’s wife, Milly Chebby, was actually body-shamed and called a lot of other bad names. Simply because someone chose not to clear their name.

Cyberbullying post

As a result, the pressure prompted Milly Chebby to address the issue. Because she claimed that it was affecting her so much.

We did not hack Raych’s YouTube channel

In the emotional youtube video, Milly categorically states that they did not hack the account. And that they are in no competition since the industry is too big for everyone. She, however, wonders why Raych allowed her to suffer for not clearing the air.

In their defense, Raych Gitau and husband Kymo said that simply because they did not mention the Terence’s didn’t mean that they were the hackers. See video below

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The whole drama as it unfolded has stirred so many emotions and solicited a lot of reactions and responses.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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