By Baba Mboga

Chokuu come get your girl!!!

She be hella triggered out here.

Tulia nani…

Girls really out here mad that paparazzi stalked her.

Girl, these people got Anerlisa and freaking Ben Pol.

Who are you to escape the paps?

Check out the story on Anerlisa and Ben Pol.

Our history with Tanasha

For the lost souls.

I will always include this bit in my articles.

My little rebels must be fed.


Tanasha is your typical Diamond Platnumz ex/ baby mama that threatened to sue Edgar Obare.

For promoting her song.

Girl don’t push the clout button too much.

Ask Vera how that turned out for her.


She also happens to be Chokuu’s best friend

Read Chokuu’s story here.

So apparently this mama got into a little bit of a pickle just after her 25th.

According to BNN paps, Tanasha was apparently seen throwing a party that can be described as ummmhh..

A Black trash party?

Before you stone me,

Mimi ni messenger tu.

Last year’s party...

So much Ls were taken in this trashy ass party.

Well,at least in comparison to last years party when she was with Diamond.

We all know Chibu can throw a party down hard when he decides to.

It wasn’t an exception.

Diamond Platnumz went all in with a Great Gatsby themed birthday for his mother and then girlfriend’s birthday.

And damn,

Celebrities did not disappoint.

Kenya was represented by a couple of celebs.

Your typical Eric Omondi, Mtoto wa Diana, Mzazi Willy M Tuva, Barak Jaccuzi, Baby Shaq and Sean Preezy

I think this was also when Diamond announced Tanasha’s 7th month old pregnancy with this child.

Girl even got a freaking car for her birthday.

I am obviously in the wrong line of business…

Comparison with this year…


As kinda expected,

It took a dip on this one.

But she took a really decent shoot.

I might say alot of things about her.

But Tanasha Donna is attractive hands down.


I said it.

That aside,

Here’s some of the pictures from her shoot.

Si mjibambe.

So a couple of shots happened on that day,

The camera man’s

The liquor cups

And eventually the Tea Picker’s paparazzi.

Tanasha’s birthday parre…

Tea pickers came through with the heats.

Apparently Tanasha was spotted with Jamal Gaddafi and a couple of other friends.

Our source had a tad more to say to the whole situation..

Hii kamati si ya kuhepwa.


You know what happens in this industry

Tanasha got wind of the storo ferrfast

Girl went online and posted a video firing them emotional cylinders at the tea pickers.

Attached the paps video with the Tanasha rant,


But wakenya ni nani.

People were very quick to respond

Here’s some of the feedback to her video.

Father takes as father gives…

Aki msiniambie Baba T ni Chibude!

Na that car Zari posted pale gram aki isikuwe ya Father Abraham.

Check out the caption and tell me what that’s all about.


Was checking out the internets and saw that Tanasha alibebewa gari na Chibude

Lol… That is the unpettiest petty thing I have ever seen though.

Shut your ex up by taking her car.

I mean you have every right to because it’s yours.

But first you have to buy her a car


In a separate line of thought,

Why is Diamond such a big deal though?

I don’t “Keep up with the Chibudes” if you know what I mean.

I don’t feel like he’s worth these keystrokes. Plus nikianzana na yeye si nitaandika encyclopedia.

A Diamond encyclopedia?

A Minecraft?

Wueh! That joke was dry,

Mshajua why sijaienda Churchill.

Ndio niende huko kupigwa Mpasho na Victor Ber?

Speaking of Churchill,

Ebu check out what Zeddy said about Churchill Show.

Si mwache niende aki.

It’s 3:38 in the freaking AM and my eyes are heavy.

But heck, I love my job.

I’m Baba Mboga and yes,

Consider yourself entertained.

Here’s my Instagram.

Don’t tell my boss but

Mazee si KahuSh has mad talent yo.

Heard this “Mi siwezi” soundtrack and it slapped hard AF.

It actually pushed me through writing this blog.

I went out of my way to put it on here.

Just putting it out there again.

This is not sponsored at all.

I just appreciate his talent.

Here’s the link.

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3 years ago

Baba mboga aongezewe mshahara, was literally LMAO ???

3 years ago

Haha I agree, Kahush is something else. And so are you. ?

3 years ago

The baby Shaq bit was hilarious. This is such a good article ????

3 years ago

Baba Mboga hoyeeee???????umenibamba yangu yote na hii articel??????

3 years ago

Shitty Article.
Leave Tanasha alone. Can’t she have little fun @25 alone?

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

This is definitely Chokuuuu?????

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I second the motion ?????

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Most Def ? akwende huko

3 years ago

I love this Baba mboga ???

3 years ago

Hilarious ????

Maryanne Muthoni
Maryanne Muthoni
3 years ago

That belly when she was 7 months pregnant last year looks like my tummy if I eat too much ?????

3 years ago

????You silly girl

3 years ago

Bullshit article. Even if she decides to smoke two joints of weed for her birthday na wasee wa nduthi who are we to judge. This article is obviously just craving her attention. And no I don’t know her, never met her

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

You’ve justified yourself too much it e even looks fishy lol

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