Singer Tanasha Donna has been trending for all the wrong reasons this week.

A fan reached out to BNN and revealed that Tanasha had undergone surgery to enhance her behind. If you compare her recent pictures to her past pics, the difference is so evident almost tangible.

Donna went from a shape eleven to an alluring size 8 in a matter of weeks. However, when introducing her new body, the singer said that ‘she invested in herself’. But did not disclose what kind of investment it was.

Affirming the rumors, retired socialite Risper Faith reached out to Edgar Obare revealing more details.

She refused to pay!

So Risper disclosed that Tanasha reached out to her via her Instagram DM inquiring about her surgery. And Risper was gracious enough to introduce her to the people who handled her.

In knowing that they would be working on a celebrity, the hospital offered not to charge her. But in return, she was to post about them on her social medial platforms recommending them to her fans. Since they were looking for an influencer to work with.

Later on, after she was called, the mother of one cared not to post tagging the page. As a result, she was supposed to pay 850k which she adamantly refused to pay.

The hospital manager eventually got frustrated and decided to handle the matter legally.

Beware of fake news

Tanasha who always imagines that she has a million people hating on her resulted to throw a pity party claiming that the story is fake. And her God will fight her battles. Allah. I bet she meant Allah since she converted.

The songbird took to her Instagram stories to say: some people are masters at mass manipulation. And will go to absolutely to any extent including lying and making up stories just to fulfill their evil and selfish agendas. She could be referring to Risper or the first person who came out with the story, or BNN, who knows?

Miss Donna did not however affirm the bees or deny them.

These days folks will do and say anything for traction. However…when you know your truth, everything will work out for your favor. Sit back, relax and let karma handle the rest.Let God fight your battles. No bad deed goes without consequences. The truth always comes out and no matter how hard they try to throw stones, use them to build your empire.Watch them clinge at your shining and look for other ways to tear you down.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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