Celebrated Tahidi High actor Peter Kinuthia alias Omosh is reportedly broke.

Clearly, covid 19 didn’t come here to play. For the last year, we have witnessed so many big names crumbling down. And some crying out for help.

Speaking to TUKO news, Omosh explained how the pandemic has affected him and his family. So Omosh stopped working when covid 19 hit the entertainment industry.

The father of five has since not been able to provide for his family. Omosh cried that he has rent areas that have not been paid for almost a year.

The once praised actor stated that his rent is eight thousand shillings per month. But it has accumulated to roughly one hundred thousand and he has been issued an eviction notice.

The actor also recounted his struggle with alcoholism but he attended rehab and reformed.

“…I really consumed a lot of alcohol for the past twenty years. I could not function without alcohol in my system. And there are times I used to hide from my colleagues to take a sip so that I could function…”

Though friends and fans have tried to raise funds to help his family, it has not helped much. And his financial status is slowly driving him into depression.

The actor pleaded with Kenyans to offer him any help especially a job.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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