Popular girl squad Over 25 who formed the famous YouTube channel dubbed Over 25, refuted rumors going around regarding their break up.

Over 25, on Monday, announced their exit from their channel. 

The quadruple consisting of Jules, Lornzie, Ivy, and Shikie had been youtube content creators for seven good years. 

Almost to the day, this video marks 7 years of us creating content on this channel. Using our life experiences as friends, sisters, working women, and mothers, we poured our hearts and souls into Over 25 where we connected, grew, and celebrated with our audience – boy did we love it! ” they said.


Shortly after their video, rumors regarding the separation spread like wildfire. Kenyans on Twitter claimed that one Chris Muriithi happened to be secretly dating two of the ladies from the group.

Chris Muriithi alias Makena Njeri is a popular outspoken LGBTQIA activist.

So netizens claimed that Chris had been dating Just Ivy and Jules at the same time. And that this did not sit well with the two lasses whose beef escalated to a point of no return.


Taking to their Instagram page, the quadruple rubbished the rumors in a post.

We are cognizant of the unpleasant and fabricated narratives circulating the internet. And as we always have, we will focus on what is uplifting, positive, and truthful. They wrote. And added that we do not and never have condoned the perpetuation of cyberbullying, lies, or hateful comments.

Makena speaks up

Taking to their Instagram stories, Makena expressed her disgust with the rumor mongers.

Human beings, you never stop being strange! She began her rant.

Anyway to the weird Kenyan cyberbullies, check your account balance and let me know if you got credited today for being absolutely stupid!

Makena wrote.

Why do you think Over 25 split?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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