By Baba Mboga

The tea lords have come through once again

In ways I never expected.

MIchuki’s chuki is officially a pun I can use in peace.


The pettiness on these streets can get real.

Y’all remember this one time I won the competition that got me this job and almost immediately I was labelled an impostor by a Tea Picker?


This is it…

…Just higher on the Ni Chuki scale


I’ll set the whole tone for this blog right here…

I couldn’t get any more 254 than this.

I hope my boss will let me put this song up here for no apparent reason.

Ni chuki,


Meet Wyre,

Writer of “Ni chuki?”

Hata na filters zangu zote kuna mahali sionangi nikifika

The audacity of Stacy Michuki!

Speed governors were not held down on this one:

It was about uuummh… kedo 5 months ago when Switch TV uploaded the video of one very gorgeous lady by the name Stacy Michuki

Girl is the youngest Miss Universe Kenya at 18 freaking years man.

Some of us were most probably watching Brazil getting pounded 7-1 at freaking home when we were that age.

If you’re smart enough I might’ve revealed something there and you can stop asking me all those questions on the gram.

So back to the question in question…



Let’s see ummmh… Stacy Michuki is 19… won Miss Universe Kenya…insert unneccesary distraction.. hate from The Michuki family..

Found it!

Let’s continue:

Hate on Stacy from The Michuki Family.

So anaza grandaughter of Bwana Michuki went the hell out of control because of one bit of the video

Where Joyce (The Interviewer) claims that Stacy Michuki is the granddaughter to the late John Michuki.

She lit up Obare’s DMs with all the salt in the world calling her an impostor and a fraud along with other kosokosos that I won’t mention up in here.

You’ll just have to get them on Edgar Obare’s Instagram.

UPDATE: Your Teaness insists that thy receipts should be laid .

Si mjibambe,

But in a nutshell,

She was basically calling out Stacy for “Capitalizing on the Michuki name.”

DMs ran

Edgar being the Obare that he is,

Couldn’t resist hopping on this tea packed cargo train..

The Offense

Home girl Tiri came in firing on all cylinders,

Explaining family lineage and yada yada…

Tbh I wans’t sold on the start with this one.

But to be fair I’ll just leave these here for transparency

The response from Stacy Michuki

Call me biased here but I don’t care

You’ll have to admit that she handled the situation with the upmost maturity.

Also. Who needs a damn name to succeed anyway.

Here are the screenshots:

Here’s what I thought about the whole situation..

I don’t get it.

Like why would you even think it was a good idea to blow up like that?

Si the chille is making strides and repping the country,

Why would you not want her to have that in peace?

Well, if anything the name doesn’t mean anything special.

Like Stacy said:

“To be honest Edgar, with or without the name, I’d still do well for myself.”

I think she did really well to remain calm under the situation granted her age and all.

The world needs more of her.

Entanglement manenos…

A lot of people actually subscribed to this theory so I might as well talk about it…

Well, there might be other situationships at play.

I mean Michuki’s dad did have ummh

47 wives?

Are we really going to raise the question of polygamy here?

Kwanza there was this comment on rich sapere men that take secrets like these to their graves.

Well Michuki was hella Gikuyu,

He was also hella rich..

Poteto Potato lol.

The plot thickens…


So some news also came up of CS Kagwe’s wife who just so happens to be Michuki’s daughter

Michuki daughter

Which can only mean one thing…

One of my favorite Kenyan rappers is ALSO in the lineage of the great John Michuki.

Kagwe almost made it but still,

It is a lit family this one

And btw…

If you’re waiting on me to stop just disappearing and to start giving valid outros…


Here’s my Instagram.

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Maryanne Muthoni
Maryanne Muthoni
2 years ago

From my calculations you must be 23 or 24 baba mboga, Brazil was beat 7-1 in the 2014 world cup and if you were 18 then you must be 23 or 24 now.

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