Singer Sosuun has broken up with her husband and fellow singer Kenrazy.

Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I ever heard of these two artists/ lovebirds.

So Sosuun has taken to Instagram to announce that the marriage is over.

And no Kenrazy did not cheat on her as many would probably assume.

In a series of notes, the mother of two has narrated how much she has persevered the abuse and disrespect from toxic in-laws.

No one understands the pain a woman carries as years go by from in-laws who never find you enough. They always find a loophole in their family just because you are part of it.

The singer added that her walking out is for the sake of her daughters and her mental health. I have experienced that and I have to act accordingly for the protection of my daughters and my mental fitness.

The lass claimed in the posts that she was never seen as enough by the sisters-in-law. And they would go to lengths such as spreading false rumors and giving her cold treatments.

It’s not a wonder she once mentioned it in one of her posts.

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Sosuun admitted that she has tried her best for the last ten years. But this is a battle she has lost. Adding that the worst relationship a woman will ever have to mend is that one with in-laws who just don’t appreciate you.

Well, Sosuun went ahead to share a short history of where she comes from. She explained that she was brought up by a single mother and they had a hard time. Eventually, her mother became an alcoholic and it has been hard to restore her.

So because of her mother’s misery, her inlaws see her as a nobody to an extent they refer to her as a chokora.

I’m a human being and it gets to a place where you can’t take any more.

Sosuun finalizes her long letter by appreciating her ex-hubby, Kenrazy for being a best friend, a good lover, and a good dad.

God knows if I’ll ever wish for a man in my next life, I’ll not ask for anyone more or less of you. You’re just perfect the way you are…

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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