By Baba Mboga


Sambarre staahp meh!

I am literally on fire today..

Almost like Xtiandela on that live he had with this guy called Edgar Obare

… which was ummhh…

Just don’t do it again.

Back to the story…

You know it,

I know it.

The title must’ve brought you here so I won’t waste any more of your damn time.

It’s not like you take time off your day to see what other people are doing with their lives instead of focussing on your own.


I’m worse

Why, you may ask?

Because I actually write about it.

But regardless,

I like you

You little rebel you…

Enough about that,

Can we talk about that Edgar Obare live from yesterday?

We all saw it coming…

I literally dedicated a whole blog to this (for those new to the tea pickers society of course)

You can check it out here.

Sooo… quick recap,

Edgar Obare hosted a livestream with Corazon Kwamboka

This was the live where she was supposed to reveal her “mysterious baby daddy”

Not so mysterious but still….

I’ll tell you what’s mysterious,

The baby’s gender.

That’s some gold right there.

Corazon if you get to read this,

Give us an exclusive when you decide to come through.

Father Abraham?


The comments were lit in this one.

To those who still don’t know who I’m talking about,

Here’s a sneak peek,

At least I’m counting on anonymity in this one.

Only exercise I’m good at is jumping into conclusions.

But eneweiz,

Here’s the actual video of how it went down.

Sa I have to explain again why he was being called Father Abraham?


Keep up.

So for those who don’t know, Frankie had a couple YouTube channel with Maureen Waititu known as Alpha Beta. It also featured their two sons.

But sometimes…

Life happens and you gotta move on…

And moving on might just add another kid in the picture.

But he looks decent enough and actually spends time with his kids

Kudos on that Frankie by the way.

He looks clean enough to me…

Then there’s the “Mr Steal your girl” look.

I’ll admit that I would get riled up if this dude checked my imaginary girl out.

Don’t get me wrong though,

I have the confidence.

But I’ll tell you what I don’t have.

Six pack abs,

Light skin

And certainly not them muscles

I tried working out once,

Here’s how it went…

Story of my life.

Back to the Frankie situation,

I don’t want to judge the book by the cover here but…

Isn’t it weird how that expression exists?

Like covers are literally placed on books so we can judge their contents based on the cover… but ummhh..

Ebu wacha nizime hii kitu.

My take on this…

I’m a really opinionated person,

But I get that people aren’t who they potray themselves to be on social media.

I’ve been a sub to the channel and Frankie really gives off a really good vibe.

Like the chilled out guy that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

I’m happy for them.

And Corazon…

I don’t know her as much but she looks like a good soul to be around.

Heck, Corazon even offered to come on live.

This is what celebrities should act like btw.

Not getting on live to insult people out here.

We’re all happy when the media exposes scandals with politicians which are more or less social evils…

But all get mad when it hits too close to home?

Own up to your mistakes for crying out loud.

What most celebrities don’t understand is that publicity is a double edged sword.

You don’t take all the good and forget about this.

I mean, if you want people not to talk..

You should’ve just kept your photos on your phone.

Anything put out in public is subject to public opinion.

Wanna stay private?

Delete that account and live your damn life.

And please don’t surround Corazon’s pregnancy with your negative vibe,

It really isn’t needed.

Here’s my Instagram

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2 years ago

Sasa article ni ya nini kama tumewatch youtube? Fail

2 years ago

I luv this♥️♥️

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