Popular couple Sharon K Mwangi and Kagwe Mungai have announced their breakup, sharing the news with their followers on Instagram.

In their joint statement, they revealed their decision to lovingly separate as a couple. They described their journey together as extraordinary, filled with deep love and affection. While they will no longer be together romantically, they assured their followers that their love for each other remains, but in a new form that allows them to grow individually.

“Hey guys, we have some news to share. You’ve been a part of our journey, and for that, we’re incredibly grateful. We want to be transparent with you all even though sharing this publicly feels a little cringe. We know how easily facts can be misconstrued, so know that anything you hear or read elsewhere is likely fiction or assumptions,” they wrote.

“The truth is, we’ve decided to lovingly separate as a couple. Our journey together has been extraordinary, filled with deep love and affection. The love we have for each other remains, but it’s taking a beautiful new shape, a chance for each of us to blossom on our own paths.”

Sharon K Mwangi and Kagwe Mungai Announce Break Up

Kagwe Mungai and Sharon K Mwangi

They stressed that there is no negativity behind their decision, likening it to two best friends recognizing the need for personal space to pursue fulfilling lives.

“There’s no negativity here. Think of it as two best friends recognizing it’s time for individual space to pursue our most fulfilling lives.”

Sharon and Kagwe asked for privacy and understanding, stating that they would not engage in further discussions about their separation.

“We won’t be engaging in further discussions on this and we deeply appreciate your understanding and respect for our privacy.”

They concluded by thanking everyone who supported, prayed, and rooted for them throughout their relationship.

“Thank you to everyone who supported, prayed and rooted for us. With love, Sharon & Kagwe.”

Sharon K Mwangi and Kagwe Mungai joint break up statement | Instagram

By Vivian K.

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