Online comedian Seth Gor has finally opened up on his toxic relationship.

If you have been an Edgar Obare fan long enough, you probably remember the tea.

Seth Gor’s then-girlfriend took to label him as an abuser.

The woman posted a series of pictures on her Instagram story. The pictures obviously landed to Edgar. And he reached out.

Photo posted by the ex girlfriend

Edgar’s efforts to understand what was happening were futile.

Screenshot of the conversation

The lady explained to Edgar that Seth beat her up after a slight argument. She was quick to add that their relationship was eight months old by the time.

On reaching out to Seth, he calmly responded that they were okay, just a little fight. And the girlfriend broke her nail while hitting him.

Screenshot of the conversation between Edgar and Seth

The unspoken by Seth Gor

Well, your favorite comedian has for the longest time been seen as and called an abuser.

Seth Gor finally opened up. Many months after the incident. He told his side of the story in an Instagram post.

As she physically assaulted me, I blocked my face with my hands, and one of her blows ended up breaking her fingernail. Narrates Seth.

Part one of Seth’s story

Turns out the lady is a cop. So it was easy for her to obtain an OB and P3 from the police station.

As if that was not enough, the lady went ahead to tarnish Seth’s name through bloggers. Later, the truth was laid bare and her OB was withdrawn. She even apologized.

Final part

Seth Gor was only sharing this information as he wishes the dark cloud to go away.

Seth Gor’s ex-girlfriend claps back

The comedian’s confession attracted so much reaction from his fans. But the most notable one was from the said ex-girlfriend!

Shiko as her name reads took to Twitter to address whoever cared. She gave her side of the story and claimed that she did not assault Seth. And neither did she apologize.

See the full story below.

Men too get physically abused

Physical abuse of men happens far more often than you might think. But men do not report the abuse because they feel embarrassed. They also fear that they won’t be believed.

Here’s my little piece of advice to such men:

Admit the problem and seek help.

Be ready to leave quickly unless there are children you need to protect. But call an emergency service.

Do not retaliate, even if they put you in that position.

Keep evidence.

What are your thoughts on this?

By Wanjiru Mbaru.

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