By Baba Mboga


If you are a human being in 2020 you know that Karantin is a real thing.

And for the pengtings… you know what?

I need to stop trying to do inside jokes on pieces of people I dont know…

Like what you just saw up there.

But I’m sorry. Ok?

I mean we’re all expressive in our own ways.

Some touchier than others.

But si tumefunguliwa Nairobi.

Get a damn room.


But before all that… make sure you get some consent first.

Sawa Timmy Tdat?

Here’s the scoop

So Kasabunyu dude(sp) over here got caught in what could only be described as a “hands on” approach to his music videos?

A video surfaced of him yesterday getting cosy with a video vixen in what looks like a music video/photo shoot.

However he reeeeeally stretched on this one.

Mans legit tried to finger bang a girl on camera. ??‍♂️

The said video vixen looked visibly irritated and only acted when her fellow vixen slapped Timmy’s hand off her crotch.

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Timmy Tdat gets a bit more handsy than needed.

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It gets more fucked up…

Timmy Tdat isn’t the only case.

According to @becky_vixen_254, this happens alot more than we know.

She talks about musicians “using vixens” and that they should respect themselves.

Which I wholly agree with but hey,

We need to stop acting like women are the only people that should be accountable for this.

Dudes, understand that consent is a real thing.

“Men can only understand the concept of consent if a gay man randomly came up and grabbed them inappropriately.”- A random meme

We can be concerned every time we hear of cases of rape on the news.

But with us not speaking out against sexual assault…

It’s a little bit hypocritical dont you think?

We all tend to assume sexual assault isnt really big.

But we all know mwizi haanzangi na bank.

So why the hell would you tolerate it just because “nothing actually happened.”

We need to understand that these women are just trying to make ends meet.

Don’t make it any harder for them.

And for the vixens,

“Hii industry lazima ujiheshimu. Wasanii hawana haja na wewe… utatumika kama tissue… open your eyes.”

I think im done here. However, here’s

A parting shot to Timmy…

Being a musician that prolly works out and whatever,

Don’t get me wrong myguy, you can gerrit.

For fucks sake,

Act like it.


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2 years ago

hahaha…your stories…weh

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