Rita Waeni, the 20-year old Roysambu murder victim found her final resting place in a private ceremony exclusively attended by family members in Makueni. The third-year JKUAT student was found dead on January 14 at a short-stay apartment, decapitated and dismembered, with the head missing.

“This morning, February 5, 2024, Waeni’s body was laid to rest at a private ceremony attended only by her family. The funeral service and burial took place at her parent’s home at Mukimwani Village, Kalimani Location, Kisau Division, Makueni County, We know that many people have understood the depth of this loss and, therefore, the decision for privacy at this event”

The family spokesperson Dr. Lilian Mutea shared.

Forensic Investigations Conclude

Rita Waeni

DCI investigators released Rita Waeni’s body for burial after completing the required forensic investigations.

The DCI handed over her body to the family on February 2, 2024. This is after they conducted the requisite forensic analysis.

The family said.
Pathologist Johansen Oduor

Upon the recovery of Rita Waeni’s head at a dam in Kiambaa, Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor, through a forensic analysis concluded that Rita Waeni died from strangulation, followed by decapitation, and disposal of the body.

“The main findings were that the head had been chopped off from the neck at the level of C5. There was bruising on the scalp caused by a blunt object. We also saw some fractures on bones. I can comfortably conclude that the cause of death was strangulation after which she was decapitated and her body dumped.”

Oduor said.

Rita Waeni Buried

Rita Waeni

The family of Rita Waeni expressed heartfelt gratitude to the extensive network of well-wishers who have provided unwavering support and solace during this trying time.

“We take this opportunity to thank our larger family, friends, colleagues, and everyone for their love, support, check-ins, and for continuously praying for us. We thank the JKUAT fraternity for their support and for connecting with Waeni’s parents.”

Rita Waeni’s family expressed.
Rita Waeni

Dr. Lilian Mutea acknowledged the remarkable kindness received from individuals across Kenya and beyond. And the family expressed gratitude for the compassion shown during this painful period.

“Throughout this painful period, we have also received kind wishes from people all over Kenya and beyond – who have reached out and prayed for our family, even when they did not know us. We are eternally grateful for the kindness shown to us. Once again, thank you all, and may God bless you abundantly,”

Dr. Lilian Mutea said.

By Vivian K.

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