Self-proclaimed chairman of the gospel industry Ringtone Apoko was recently engaged in another road accident.

Last night, the musician took to Instagram to share that he was involved in an accident. But he survived. He also posted a photo of his vehicle being dragged away.

This counts as the third accident he has been involved in within three years with high-end expensive cars.

Inasmuch as his fans empathized with him, some could not fathom how or why it’s always him getting into accidents. Because sometime this year he was involved in another accident with popular blogger Robert Alai.

Apoko is so good at chasing clout using his broken English. So sometimes it’s so hard to tell whether he telling the truth or lying.

However, speaking to BNN, a fan revealed that the frequent accidents could be an insurance fraud game. So according to the fan, the artists get cars for a cheap price then insure them for a slightly higher value then crash them to be write-offs

The insurance company then pays them rthe full value of the car based on its insuance premium. The fan also added that the accidents are done by a professional.

Ringtone’s song pulled down from YouTube

In other news, a song that Ringtone did featuring gospel star from Tanzania Rose Muhando titled Yesu Ang’are, was pulled down from YouTube due to copyright claims.

Taking to Instagram as usual, Ringtone ranted about an upcoming artist who claimed that the song was stolen from her.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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