Barbadian singer Rihanna has for the umpteenth time been rumored to be expectant.

Rumors of her pregnancy sprout after the singer appeared at a national event where Barbados became a republic. See the article here.

So Rihanna who is a Barbados native had flown into her country to be part of the historic event. She wore a stunning silk, one-shoulder orange dress. (sans a bra)

The legendary singer was named a national hero by the country’s Prime Minister Mia Mottley during the ceremony.

After the appearance, rumors spread like wildfire across the internet that the singer was heavily pregnant.

This is probably the sixth year since the internet began speculating that the singer is expectant.

However, pictures from a different angle taken at the event reveal that she indeed has a protruding belly. Could she have had a lot to eat during the Thanksgiving holiday or is a baby baking in there?

Well, unless we hear from the horse’s mouth, this might remain to be mere speculation like the rest.

But if she actually is pregnant this will be her first child with her lover and fellow rapper Asap Rocky.

Also, sources revealed that the singer has huge belly and it is showing. And another source revealed that employees were informed not to drink or smoke within her environment. Because the singer aims to bringing up her baby in a healthy environment.

“Employees were informed in their home that it is not allowed to drink or smoke. Rihanna is pregnant and wants to bring her baby to a healthy environment,” the source said.

What are your thoughts on the same? Rihanna is yet to deny or affirm the speculations.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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